Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Instant Glamour

Typically the “smallest room in the house” is not the first thought when considering creating a glamorous living space, but a few clever lighting ideas can turn even the darkest interior bathroom into a cool and glamorous place.

Hollywood Makeup Mirrors

Hollywood makeup mirrors are the ultimate bathroom accessory for girls. Nothing says glamour like a sleek lacquered mirror adored with a ring of bulbs.

Unlike unforgiving dressing room mirrors, Hollywood makeup mirrors from the likes of Powerful Vision Ltd come complete with a dimmer switch and a range of bulb options meaning you can stay away from unflattering fluorescents.

Dark wood bathroom with big mirror

Often complete with hidden storage for girly bits and bobs, a makeup mirror is an excellent alternative to a bathroom cabinet and bulbs are cool touch technology for safety. Choose a mirror that coordinates with your bathroom color scheme and add a single ceiling spotlight overhead to really vamp up the Hollywood glam.

Color Change Bathroom Cabinets

Forget functional and boring – your bathroom cabinet does not have to have uses limited to holding your razors and toothpaste. A boring white space can be transformed into a work of art with color change lighting. Bathroom cabinets that double as a down-lighter are an instant path to a funky interesting space.

Modern bathroom with natural colors

Choose a single color according to your mood or phase through a pattern of colors in a variety of modes, from serene and soothing for a relaxing bubble bath, to vibrant and exciting as you are getting ready for a big night out. Lighting can be remote controlled, set on a timer, or simply set with sensors to turn on and off as people enter, saving both energy and fumbling around for light switches in the dark.

Illuminated Infinity Mirrors

Bathrooms, especially en-suite shower rooms, are often small with little or no natural light. With creating an illusion of space a priority, an infinity mirror can be the perfect solution for space, light and cutting edge modern design. Infinity mirrors give an illusion of depth from a very thin mirror base.

Cool small bathroom interior design

Essentially a shallow box, infinity mirrors can make a small space appear far larger, and make a design statement without having to commit to expensive feature taps and tubs.

Redesigning your bathroom can cost thousands of pounds; tiles and fixtures are expensive and time consuming to replace and space often means that achieving a different look is difficult. Clever lighting and sophisticated mirrors and cabinets can give your bathroom an instant facelift at a fraction of the cost.

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