Bedroom decoration key elements – II

Consider details – rugs, bedding, curtains, throw pillows, accessories, do not forget that just a little touch can add an entirely different atmosphere to the whole room.

Curtains are an eye-catching element and have a huge impact on the whole space, because of that, do not skimp on their size, they should be at least double the width of the window and long enough to skim the floor. Add finials, it may seem like a small thing, but they are the perfect finishing touch to the curtains. Remember, a great room is all about the details. As for the fabric – cotton is versatile and easy to clean; yet velvet is luxurious, stylish and private but can look a bit heavy especially for smaller rooms; sheers are light and graceful but do not offer privacy.

Bedding, sheets – pick out high quality luxurious fabrics – cotton, linen; nothing contributes so much to your sound sleep as the quality bedding, not to mention how much mood and beauty they add to your bedroom.

Put a big mirror on an empty wall, this is a great way to create an optical illusion for a large room; if you place a table lamp on a stand or a floor lamp next to it, you will have a more spacious and a brighter room, at least visually.


Using Throw/ Decorative pillows is a great way to change the interior adding a new and fresh touch to your bedroom. Remember, it is wise to match throw pillows with the other elements of the décor – both as colour, style and size – too small throw pillows look lost when put on a big sofa for example. Also, do not go too far with their quantity; they are just a decorative accent in the interior design.

Add accessories, but do not overdo them – favourite photos in beautiful frames, a small vase of flowers/to brighten up the space and bring a little softness/, scented candles/for luxury and romance/, a piece of art on the wall, that is enough, accessories are meant to accentuate, not overcrowd. Do not forget to fit the size of the picture with that of the wall and hang it at the eye level; when more than one piece is hung, arrange them not too far away one from another.

Lighting: Lighting is of crucial importance in setting up the ambiance in a room. Multi-layered lighting lets you adjust the amount of light you need and create the effect you want. When combined with floor and table lamps and sconces, a chandelier is a good option, because is both a decorative element and a source of general glow. Table lamps are important for providing task lighting, e.g. for reading when placed on the bedside tables. For the sake of balance and symmetry you can place a matching pair on the bedside tables, but the choice is entirely yours. Table lamps can be placed wherever you need a bit of extra light, on a chest of drawers for example. The size of the lamps you choose will always depend on the size of the furniture they are put on. Floor lamps are great for adding light in corners or next to a reading chair. Since they spend a lot of place, sconces can be an excellent alternative to table lamps; when installed at a proper height, they provide adequate illumination of the space. Consider using a dimmer, it instantly creates the needed at the moment ambiance and a much more flattering glow.

So this is your bedroom, plan carefully every detail, consult with experts if necessary and you will have a nice place to relax and be away from the stresses and strains of the world around you.

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