Bright Kitchens: Color and Vibrancy

Before painting the kitchen, consider carefully because colors affect mood.

Warm colors are a popular choice for kitchens; inviting and appealing, they convey an element of hospitality and are said to stimulate appetite and spark conversation.

Yellow is sunny, optimistic, and positive.

In this attractive, light-filled, and airy kitchen, cabinet doors introduce a vibrant yellow tone for a soothing combination of earthy colors. Note that accents/black pendants and dining chairs in odd-numbered groups for visual appeal/ add drama and charm to the space. A smart idea is to use accents that are easy to change; area rugs, small appliances, tableware, and glassware are great options.

Orange is a secondary color that combines the sunny cheer of yellow with the vitality of red.

Analogous colors create a subtle combination for an attractive, stylish, and elegant look. This kitchen is warm, welcoming, and full of positive energy. Dining chairs and the pendant that add extra orange can be easily changed for a different look of this bold, fresh kitchen.

All is orange in this kitchen – cabinetry, dining chairs, open shelving, and even accessories. Opulent natural light, lavish greenery and high, extra white ceiling add an extra feeling of brightness to this charming and exciting kitchen.

Red is a stimulating color; however, be careful with red accents, they do not have to be garish; use neutral hues to balance the color scheme and soften the impact of the bold red.

The captivating red island makes a real statement in this kitchen and personalizes it; used as a contrasting element, it creates a striking effect in the monochromatic color scheme and lends the space an elegant and luxurious look.

This project sticks to a palette of red, white, and black, a classic solution that brings style in this large, sufficiently lit space. The red cabinetry is a focal point that grabs and keeps attention. The red stools keep the scheme balanced and harmonious.

This kitchen is with a red look that runs from top to toe, set off by glossy, black flooring. Ample natural light, beautiful plants and a glass-topped table add extra light and freshen up the space. Note that plinth lighting, installed low around the base of the kitchen island, is a charming way to create ambient lighting.

Cool colors give any space calm, fresh, and refined look; they create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Pale hues when mixed with white or dark brown for contrast lend an elegant look.

Purple, a versatile color depending on the tone and the colors it is paired with, usually conveys opulence and luxury.

The illuminated purple island, combined beautifully with the cabinetry, makes a statement in this modern kitchen for a fresh, clean style and a touch of luxury, sophistication, and romance.

Green is life; it denotes balance, harmony, and serenity.

Light green cabinets that stand out in this stylish kitchen evoke spring and freshness for a tranquil atmosphere.

A harmonious scheme with different shades of green works well to create a balanced, elegant look in this light-filled, classic kitchen.

Blue creates an atmosphere of calmness and tranquility.

Blue plinth lighting, blue stools, and blue accessories work together to create this fascinating kitchen. A group of three industrial-styled trendy pendants lends visual appeal. The reflective surface of the sleek marble island adds extra light in this modern, eye-grabbing kitchen.

Creativity and some general knowledge of color palette can help show style; however, think smart and do not overdo bright colors; otherwise, there exist a risk to create a chaotic effect as if a rainbow has exploded in the kitchen.

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