Calabash Pendant: Impressive Simplicity

Calabash is a fascinating fixture that influences any space with impressive presence. It fully represents the designers’ vision that “the direct function of a lampshade is to contain “the light” and to reflect it. But it is still present in the room when the light is switched off.”

This series is a project of Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen from the famed Copenhagen-based Komplot Design for the Danish lighting brand Lightyears A/S.

It comprises pendants made of drawn aluminum covered with chrome lacquer; the fixtures come in three different sizes and four shiny colors /silver, gold, black, and red/to match various décor solutions.

Calabash is suspended from the ceiling with a black textile cord, which creates a neat contrast to the iridescent surface of the fixture. Note that the cord is adjustable to help meet concrete lighting necessities.

Silver Calabash pendants

Each pendant is a unique, handcrafted light; both shade modeling and the 4-step lacquering process are carried out by hand.

Inspired by the humble Calabash squash, one of the first cultivated plants in the world, this light has a simple, organic yet elegant, sophisticated shape.

Gold Calabash pendants

Situated alone or in groups, Calabash pendant adds modern touches to the space, creates an unforgettable atmosphere, and makes an impressively beautiful statement in any environment.

This amazing fixture has a reflector that increases the down light to provide warm, glare-free illumination that enlivens any setting. In addition, the polished surface of the pendant reflects its surroundings and creates a fascinating, exciting play of light that adds a touch of charm and drama to the living environment.

Silver Calabash pendants

Due to their unusual yet recognizable shape and chrome-plated, iridescent surface, Calabash pendants immediately grab attention and become focal points of the space. Furthermore, their harmonious shape unites the décor for a balanced, visually appealing look.

Although each color lends a different personality to the fixture, this curvy-shaped pendant, which represents modern elegance and impressive simplicity, looks gorgeous in all four available colors.

Consider particularly the gold and red format; any of them is a perfect choice that serves as a contrasting accent to a monochromatic color scheme and creates an intriguing effect for a stylish, sophisticated look of the living space.

Gold Calabash pendants

Calabash pendant is the point where functionality interacts with art; moreover, it demonstrates the goal of Lightyears A/S to expand “the perception of functional and aesthetic lighting.” A chic decorative light, it embellishes the space and integrates easily into any private or public interior décor.

Indeed, I envision dropping a cluster of small, red Calabash pendants over my dinette area.

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