Ceiling Fan with Lights

Summer is my favorite season and I’m sure most of you will agree with me that sun is better than snow. You can go out with light clothes, you can go swimming, you can drink a lot of beer etc. The only downside is the heat. I think summer is getting hotter and hotter over the past several years or maybe I’m just growing old. In either case I keep looking for some ways to make it easier to survive.

And now when another hot summer is about to begin and voila the question that bothers all of us is: How we can make the season a little bit more bearable? With temperatures raising higher and higher it is not a surprise why we would like to have something in our home, which will make the air cooler.

The simple answer is: Get an air-conditioner! – I like when everything is so simple and easy, but in most cases, the reality is much more complex. I’m not going to discuss here the benefits of the air-conditioners, but will talk about Ceiling Fans with Lights – Elegant solution with versatile features.

We should consider some things before running to the local store or the cheaper online equivalent.

[list style=”list_4″ color=”red”] [li]Do I need such an appliance?[/li] [li]Why with lights?[/li] [li]Am I going to buy something that is within my budget?[/li] [li]What will be the operational cost of my new appliance?[/li] [li]Where and how will I install it?[/li] [li]Am I going to ruin my interior design with such equipment?[/li] [li]What’s the perfect size?[/li] [li]Is it too noisy?[/li] [li]Where to buy?[/li] [/list]

So let’s start with the most fundamental one:

Do I need Ceiling Fan with Lights?

  • If you are used to hot temperatures and you don’t want something rotating at your ceiling – than you don’t need a ceiling fan. In any other case – you have to consider it as an option of getting more fresh air in your room and combine it with the light you need.

Why with lights?

  • Some of you will ask me – I need a fan, but why with lights? The obvious reason is that you have already installed ceiling light in the centre of the room and it will be difficult to make a new separate wiring just for the fan. It is much easier to replace your current ceiling light with the one with fan in it. Getting a fan with lights will serve both – cooling and lighting.

Am I going to buy something that is within my budget?

  • That’s a difficult one as the budget will vary a lot from person to person. You can find decent Ceiling fans with lights at Amazon. You will be surprised that a Westinghouse piece is at such low price. You can browse at variety of models and pick one that is not so expensive or if you can afford it, why not a luxury one. Whether you are ready to spend a hundred bucks or five times more – you will find plenty of models to choose from. My advice – buy one that will not disturb your monthly income.



Ivo Ivanov – Lighting expert
Ceiling fan is not a purchase that will ruin your budget, but don’t go for the top model. There are plenty of good mid-price fans, that are really good![/blockquote]

What will be the operational cost of my new ceiling fan with lights?

  • Regular 42-inch ceiling fan is consuming approximately 50-100 Watts of energy which is almost nothing compared to an air-conditioner. You can put energy-saving bulbs to reduce the cost of lighting. There are no more maintenance costs for the ceiling fan. I can assure you that you will have it fully operational for at least several years. Not to mention how expensive would be to repair an air-conditioner. If some day in the future your ceiling fan with lights malfunctions, you can buy a brand new and replace it.

Where and how will I install it?

  • As I’ve already mentioned, the perfect place is the centre of the ceiling where you will replace your old chandelier. The installation is very simple and could be managed by everyone who has elementary knowledge in tools and electricity. There is a nice video with detailed instructions here: How to install Ceiling Fan with Lights

Am I going to ruin my interior design with Ceiling fan with lights?

  • Assuming that you are here and you are researching info about the ceiling fans with lights, I can guess that you have already decided that you can match your existing furniture and style with ceiling fan. You can see a lot of homes with installed fans and it’s nicely integrated with them.

What’s the perfect size?

  • There are some rules that you need to comply with. First, you should consider the room size with the blade span of your fan and second – the air flow produced by the fan (CFM).

[styled_table align=”center” width=”400″]

Room Size Blade Span
Check Available Sizes Here
Up to 110 sq. feet 42″ or smaller
110 – 150 sq. feet 44″ – 50″
150 – 300 sq. feet 52″ – 60″
300 – 450 sq. feet 62″ – 72″
More than 450 sq. feet 74″ or bigger


Some useful info about the optimal air flow which a fan should provide is indicated in the following table.

[styled_table align=”center” width=”400″]

Room Size CFM
Get More Info Here
Up to 60 sq. feet 2000
75 – 120 sq. feet 2000 – 4000
120 – 300 sq. feet 4500 – 7000
300 – 600 sq. feet 7000 – 9000
More than 600 sq. feet 10 000 or more


[notice]Don’t forget that you should install the ceiling fan at proper height. Blades must be at least 7′ from the floor, so that there is no risk of accidentally touching the rotating blades.[/notice]

  • Is it too noisy?

I can confirm that modern ceiling fans are as quiet as possible and will not disturb you at all. You will probably hear the air moving, but not the rotating mechanism. Over the years you should check the rotor and grease it if needed in order to get longer life of the motor and metal parts.

  • Where to buy?

There are a lot of stores that are offering ceiling fans with lights and I can only recommend those that are having the biggest selection of models and where you can compare all the prices and technical parameters. You can read a lot of customer reviews and get more resourceful info.

Finally, it is up to you to decide whether you need one ceiling fan with lights or not, but here is my tip of advice – make your research on all the models and variants available, check the parameters, compare prices and don’t be hasty – you have to be sure that you are buying the right fan for your house, because you will live with it for many years.


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