Chaos.MGX by .MGX by Materialise – Mesmerizing Beauty

The Chaos.MGX table lamp mixes art and technology in an innovational manner; it is produced using selective laser sintering/SLS/, an advanced technological method that offers virtually countless possibilities to create an array of truly unique products; the fixture is designed by Strand and Hvass, who put their own aesthetic approach to modern lighting based on simplicity with a vision of the whole and attention to detail. This lamp is a part of the Within4Walls Collection.

Chaos.MGX is made  from polyamide; it comes only in white, in two versions – tall/43 cm/ and low/13, 5 cm/ table lamp, but can be customized to individual design projects; its base is of brushed stainless steel or chrome coated brass; both versions are dimmable with halogen bulbs; consider that dimmers are the most economical way to co-ordinate lighting levels; furthermore, they are an option to instantly change the atmosphere in the space and offer variable lighting plus decorative effects according to your needs.

Keep in mind that since table lamps are portable lighting options and do not require any additional wiring, they are a great choice to immediately transform any space; they complement and enhance the décor, creating a stylish warm glow throughout your home; furthermore, it is always a bright idea to use them as a source of accent and especially of task lighting to add extra light where is necessary.

Chaos.MGX lamp is not just an ordinary source of light; it not only provides beautiful, soft, well-diffused light; it is a fragile yet exquisite balance of calmness and disorder; it’s simple square shape confines within perfectly calculated chaos of 1000 sticks to create a fascinating play of light and shade effects and unleash one’s imagination; unquestionably, it is a fixture that makes an instant wow effect; furthermore, it can transform any space and give it its own personality.

Consider that it is always a great idea to add in such bold, distinctive fixtures that stand out in a specific room to become statement pieces on their own; they bring extra style, drama, and visual appeal and definitely personalize any space.

Although the low version is rather like a block sculpture, while the tall Chaos lamp brings a touch of elegance and sophistication in the décor, both are extraordinary, intriguing, and mesmerizing and serve double – as a perfect lighting solution and an exquisite embellishment of the space.

Generally, be creative and try to incorporate decorative lighting for visual appeal; it is a charming and chic concept to personalize your decor; always when possible opt for fixtures that make your space exclusive and bring a dash of magic into your life.

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