Constrictor Table Lamp: A Stunning Addition to Any Space

The Constrictor table lamp is a project of Jeremy Pyles for Niche Modern; indeed, Jeremy Pyles, along with his wife Mary Welch created Niche Modern in 2003. The designer shares the idea that everyone can see “the exchange of light and darkness, strength and delicacy, edge and elegance at play” in all of their products.

This is a hand-blown glass lamp with a drum custom shade; with its clean, simple lines it suits an array of interior design solutions to add elegance and style.

Both this lamp and its counterpart, the Boa lamp, were inspired by the movement of a boa constrictor’s body when swallowing its prey; they are vaguely reminiscent of Saint-Exupery’s masterpiece “The Little Prince”. The Constrictor lamp represents a bold, timeless hourglass figure that pieces together with an opaque shade with subtle layers of rich color to create a sensuous fixture, which adds modernity, luxury, and sophistication to the space.

table lamp with glass base

Generally, any table lamp is a great portable lighting option that usually serves double – as a source of extra light and for visual appeal and a dramatic touch to the space; if you opt for the eye-grabbing Constrictor lamp, you could incorporate make-a-statement fixture that immediately becomes a focal point of the place and definitely personalizes it; furthermore, this exquisite lamp essentially enhances the atmosphere in the space.

constrictor table lamp in brown

Consider that it comes in four fashionable colors – amber, chocolate, crimson, and gray and the  lamp shade is available in crème linen, rough linen, or black linen; so, there is a range of options to choose from as to fit any interior design solution. This unique lamp could be placed beside your bed or the sitting arrangement, on an end table in a dark corner for extra light, or on a stand next to a large, beautifully framed mirror to create an optical illusion for a more spacious and brighter room; wherever you choose to position it, the Constriction lamp is an easy way to grace the space and transform it from so-so to stunning and inviting.

Keep in mind that if you opt for the Boa vase, it is an option for bringing at least partly common elements in your interior décor; this is always a wise concept to create a harmonious, balanced, and visually appealing look of any space. This hand-blown glass vase comes in two colors – amber and smoke; it is an evocative piece of art whose fascinating shape mingles water and light to add a touch of freshness to the space.

To summarize, the Constrictor lamp is a stylish complement that embellishes any décor solution; opt for it to bring extra charm and uniqueness in your home.

Find more info or directly buy from Niche Modern website.

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