Contemporary design ideas for the most relaxing bathrooms

At the end of a long work day, it is a dream to be able to come home and relax in a beautiful bathroom.  However, it is something that most people can only dream of.  Nevertheless, the perfect bathroom is still within reach – all it takes is a little imagination.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house.  Everyone spends a little time there each day, so making it a place where family members can unwind will be a benefit to all. For those looking for a great bathroom design in London then looking at the various design options is a must.

Finding the concept

Not everyone has the same taste, so luckily there are plenty of different designs out there to choose from.  For those who lead a busy lifestyle, tranquillity is important for achieving a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Bathroom lighting design

Neutral shades and nature themes are also a popular choice – as a result, the use of natural wood and bamboo is making its way into many bathroom designs.  Keeping it neutral is a good choice, as the bathroom can then be dressed up with themed accessories, which are much easier to change when the homeowner wants a new look.

Getting a good designer is a must, especially if the room in question is small.  Having all the fixtures and fittings in the right place can help ensure that the room achieves the desired atmosphere. An experienced designer will be able to demonstrate how the most can be made of every part of the space available.

Materials for the bathroom

Whether the preference is for a minimalist look or for an old-fashioned bathroom, there is a design out there to suit all tastes.  Choosing the right materials is essential.  Marble, granite and porcelain are popular choices for bathrooms as more and more people want a bathroom that will last for years.

Bathroom lighting design

Designs can be personalised with a choice of accessories, such as taps, mirrors and even wall art.

Flooring options are varied, but it is important to choose something hardwearing that will last for years.  Marble tiles are becoming increasingly popular for bathrooms and are not as expensive as most people believe.  The right look will help give the room extra warmth and will not need to be changed for a very long time.

Good lighting is essential in the bathroom.  Gone are the days when one central light was all that could be affixed to the wall.  Now it is possible to have a range of lighting options, from subtle lighting placed around mirrors to lights set into the walls and ceiling.

bathroom design

These modern lighting options are a change from the former stark lighting that most people are used to and can really help create a relaxing ambiance in the room.  And of course, relaxing with the help of a few candles also helps!

When it comes to interior design, many people tend to forget the bathroom, seeing it as nothing more than a functional space.  However, the right touches can integrate the room into the design of the rest of the home.

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