Contemporary Interior Light Panels

Sometimes the general and traditional lighting is not enough to make your interior design more appealing. There are some original concepts about decorating your walls with light panels. These decorative lights are both useful and attractive. They can be used as an accent lighting and will give you more light at the sofa or in the hallway. They look like a piece of art and I can agree that such type of lighting can bring a lot of style and elegance to your home. The bulbs are combination of standard incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent. You can easily attach the lighting fxitures to the wall with some regular tools. One more advantage is that you can control the light intensity by touching the moon-like orbs.

The best idea is to combine such fabulous wall lights will corresponding chandeliers or recessed lighting. It is up to you and your fantasy to choose what will be the perfect composition and how to create a comfortable atmosphere.

There are some wood elements in the light decoration which you could use to continue the design line, coloured wenge.

You will have several options regarding the size and dimensions of the wall lights and you will have to calculate enough wall space in order to put them without covering any other piece of furniture or sockets.

You can find more info about the Italian design studio at their official website: In-es.artdesign

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