Contemporary Lighting Ideas

 It is your personal taste that should guide you for any renovations to your home; however, if you need inspiration, have a look at the 2012 interior and lighting design trends, they could help give your home a fresh, modern look with just a few trendy touches.

A popular interior design trend is introducing multi-functional open spaces that incorporate different zones. If not decorated in the same style, these zones should at least have common elements; otherwise, the space would look awkward. Generally, unity and cohesion are must- have elements of the successful open space design; repeating décor details throughout the entire area makes it visually appealing.  So, try to unify the space with matching lighting fixtures; choose these that meet your needs and taste to bring together and unify any space.

Uniformity in the space could also be accomplished using the same color fixtures throughout the entire space.

This concept definitely adds luxury and sophistication to the space and the lamps with their beautiful design are always focal points; the superbly coordinated look is appropriate for any place of your home.

Mixing and matching of different lighting fixtures in different interior design schemes is a popular trend for 2012; for instance, for a chic look use mega trendy Industrial- style pendants over the island/bar zone in a contemporary styled kitchen.

You could also try with another on-trend option – eco-friendly fixtures made from crystals, stone, glass, and other renewable resources.

For a touch of luxury and modernity, opt for ceiling fixtures with clean lines that feature crystal accents to instantly add style and elegance to any space; for some extra charm you could also add matching crystal wall sconces and table lamps.

Consider adding layers of luxurious fabrics – wool, silk, velvet, and combine them with wood, stainless steel, bricks, and leather to create a memorable interior. Bring in stone, metal or plastic accessories for extra charm. Do not forget large mirrors, this is a great way to create an optical illusion for a large room; if you place a table lamp on a stand or a floor lamp next to it, you will have a more spacious and a brighter room, at least visually. Try to include crystals, silver, marble, glass, and other details that reflect light to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and tranquility; furthermore, such details could help create an inviting and luxurious design.

Bold colors are back to add a sophisticated touch of modernity; however, the chic eye-catching options such as vibrant hues of yellows, oranges, aquas, and grassy greens should be carefully balanced out with neutral colors like white, beige, and gray to visually soften the impact of the bold tones. For instance, try to balance out your yellow painted walls space with soft white furniture and rugs, or just conversely, try to combine soft gray walls with a cobalt blue piece of upholstery.

Covers, rugs, upholstery, draperies, throw pillows – all are great options to add color to any space, making it extremely trendy, especially when used in an unexpected way.

Generally, for an instant wow effect, try to incorporate make-a-statement fixtures, they add style and personalize the space. Actually, this is probably the most accessible trend of 2012 since no specific fixtures are trendy, but any piece that stands out in a specific room could become a statement piece on its own.

Always consider balancing lighting fixtures and furniture.

One of the biggest lighting trends is track lighting; it provides a great deal of flexibility and versatility and allows putting light wherever you want in a room, and adds depth and dimension to any space.

Another trend  is to apply both over and under cabinet lighting. Lights underneath cabinets have always been used as a source of task lighting, especially in kitchens; now over-cabinet lighting not only adds some extra light, but also evokes a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

If you think any of these trends could enhance your home décor, try to apply them, but do not feel you have to follow these concepts; ultimately, all depends on your imagination and creativity.


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