Contemporary pendant lights

Pendants are very popular when you need light over a table or over a island in the kitchen. You can use them to properly light a task plane – whether it is a kitchen table or billiard table. Even though  the main light is pointed towards the task plane, a lot of diffused light is also emitted to the ceiling and is reflected (mostly when the ceiling is white or any light colour ) back to the room creating enough ambient lighting. There are some models with non transparent or frosted glass and are suitable to use when you need to direct the light in one direction only.

You can arrange a group of pendants in line, circle or any other form that suits your taste and design,  which allows you to improvise and create unique interior design.

Because the pendants are hanging on some cord or just on their cable, you could also adjust the height and if you are having a group of pendants you can suspend them at different height.  I could suggest that when you are choosing your kitchen pendants, be aware that the lampshades will collect dirt over the time and will need cleaning. For example:  glass is easily cleaned even without removing it from the pendant, but if you like fabrics, than you have to prepare yourself for much more troubles with  the lampshades.

Sometimes the dirt in kitchen is not just a dust, but also grease and some other hard to clean substances, so have this one in mind –  you can choose metal, plastic or glass for the kitchen and fabric for the dining room or billiard table.

I would like to show you here some modern design pendants, suitable for modern styled kitchens. Those are Italian design and are styled by the famous MuranoDue company. If you are wondering about the prices of such a state of the art lighting, let’s say they are affordable.

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