Coordinated Furniture and Lighting – a Key to a Balanced Décor

Living rooms are multifunctional spaces where, apart from other activities, we usually meet guests. When decorating a living room, a major consideration should be coordinating furniture and lighting to create a cohesive décor for an appealing, inviting look that can impress family and friends.

Always consider lighting and furniture in terms of functionality and aesthetics; let in as much natural light as possible, apply a multi-layered approach, and make layers of light work together to make the most of light in the room.

Chandeliers are classic fixtures for traditionally designed living rooms; usually positioned in the centre of the space, they fill it with remarkable presence and offer soft, pleasing illumination. Choose a crystal chandelier for a stunning effect; crystal icicles reflect extra light and add a touch of charm, luxury, and style to the décor.

Generally, all chandeliers with glass shades are a perfect option to coordinate the décor if some furniture pieces, such as end tables, are with glass tops.

Dining room with crystal chandelier

Track lighting is a versatile, elegant option that works well in modern décor solutions. Note that if pained to match the ceiling, tracks simply disappear; however, if pained in a furniture-matching color, they serve to coordinate the color scheme of the space.

Recessed lights are another flexible lighting choice; utilitarian rather than decorative, recessed lighting is unobtrusive and keeps the room fresh and uncluttered. Opt for recessed lights in a space with a glossy white tray ceiling; add white-upholstered sitting arrangement complemented by an end table with a glass top for a well-lit, balanced space.

Recessed lights interior

Both track and recessed lights serve well as accent lighting to highlight collectibles used as wall décor, artwork in wall niches, or vintage items of furniture. Indeed, an evocative piece of furniture could become a starting point to arrange a living room; when coordinated with other furniture and lighting elements of similar shape or finish, the result is an impressive, harmonious décor.

Always consider creating focal points of the space; in living rooms, fireplace plays this role. Use wall sconces to draw attention to the fireplace; install a pair symmetrically over the mantelpiece or flanking the fireplace. They complement firelight for creating a romantic atmosphere and when chosen with attention to detail coordinates the décor of the space. Opt for decorative fixtures that add shape, texture, color, or contrast to a wall.

Fireplace with glass cover

Using bold, statement fixtures to draw attention to focal points is a smart, chic concept; it helps personalize the space and create unique décor. For a for a contemporary living room, try with paper-globe lanterns; on the walls arrange round mirrors that repeat the lanterns’ shape for a stunning, harmonious interior décor.

Floor and table lamps are portable lights offer flexibility in use and an array of options to coordinate décor in terms of style, color, finish, shape, and material. Always keep in mind that shades can change the brightness and the color of light.

Use lights and furniture that bear the same style or lines to create repeating details, such as a spiral chandelier that echoes a round coffee table because repetition is the key to a balanced and harmonious space. Generally, work on interior décor with care and creativity to achieve continuity and coordination for a unified, visually appealing, and stylish space.

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