Effective Bedroom Lighting For Winter

As the winter months are drawing in and the nights are getting longer, making the home feel cosy is almost a necessity as many people go into a form of hibernation mode until spring – with the except of the January sales perhaps. Leaving work in blustering winds, your mind will almost certainly be focused on getting back to your warm home.

Before the festive season starts in earnest and the weather closes in, give your little haven a bit more attention it deserves. Perhaps add a bit of seasonal colouring to your soft furnishings, or consider going for some more interesting lighting – even something as small as changing a lampshade can dramatically improve the atmosphere of a room.

 Lighten up Your Home

 During darker evenings, avoid any gloominess and lighten up your home with some attractive lighting – especially in rooms where you spend most of your time, like the bedroom or living room. This are where you spend most of your time in an evening, and it is important that the atmosphere you create is both relaxing and soothing.

The key to making a bedroom feel warm and cosy for the winter is to use moody low lighting and not too bright. Achieve a good level of visibility in the room, not too much for it to dazzle but perhaps use spot lights or bedside table lamps for those who enjoy a bit of bedtime reading. Find the ideal fixture at Homebase which provides sufficient light with minimal glare.

Table Lamps

 The type of lampshade you choose affect the distribution of light throughout the room, but to create a gentler atmosphere you can also choose a unit which takes a low wattage bulb.

These don’t have to take on the traditional shape and style of conventional lamps but can be purchased in more striking options. A particular favourite are the Habitat Fitz range of table lamps which are available in bold colours such as cerise pink and interesting cylindrical or spherical shapes.

These lighting units can also be moved easily, allowing you to adjust their position as necessary.

Decorative Lights

 Designers do go wild with lighting, and when it comes to decorative then you can be use you can have some fun – as it doesn’t serve a strictly practical purpose. There are plenty of interesting options for bedroom lighting at Homebase – all of which make interesting focal points for your bedroom.


Fairy Lights: these are an easy way to bring cosiness and light into the room without being overpowering. Drape them delicately over the headboard of the bed or attached them as a focal point on plain wall to achieve maximum impact.

Variable Lighting: varying the intensity of lights in your bedroom is a great way to change the ambiance. Dimmer switches are the easiest way to achieve this and can be fitted with relative ease.

 Unique Lamps: as stated above, table lamps don’t have to follow conventional designs. If you want a light which doubles as a focal point then opt for quirky and unique options – such as this bird cage table lamp.

When positioned correctly, these introduce subtle lighting to the room, changing the overall appearance and feel.

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