Endless possibilities that are now available due to LED lighting

With technology advancing so rapidly and invention of powerful and bright LEDs there are endless ideas to create unique design and amazing interior projects.

Most of the modern architects and interior designers quickly embrace the new LED fortune and started designing fabulous things – tremendous light and furniture combinations.

Can you imagine creating all colors and shapes using just light? Look at these images and think again !

Get some inspiration and start creating your own design.

Bedroom design with purple LED lights

If someone has shown you these pictures 10 years ago, you would probably guess that they are sci-fi decors and not a modern interior project, just 15 years later. There was only a small group of people that have foreseen the real boom of LED technology and its fast growing market share.

Beautiful designer LED lights

Not to mention that by the time the LEDs were not so popular there was the ESL technology and everyone was excited about it.

Wall decorated with LED strip lights

Which are the key benefits of LED lights for the interior design and furnishing:

  • Small dimensions
  • Integration in all kinds of furniture
  • Creating shapes of light
  • Control of light color

Creative bedroom design with LED

All these parameters are creating the freedom to design and improvise. You can even create your own project and add LED lights to it. DIY kits with LEDs are available in all lighting stores and DIY shops.

Design from the East with LED lighting

To make your home unique place to live is now up to you!

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