Fabulous Lighting Ideas

Lighting is an essential, yet often an overlooked tool to transform any space, enhance its décor and add a touch of modernity, style, harmony, vibrancy, and sophistication; moreover, unique lighting can become the main feature of the house.

If you need inspiration, try some of these lighting techniques to personalize your home and give it a new, unexpected look.

  • The kitchen

Install plinth lighting around the base of the kitchen island to accentuate your new stone flooring, it will make your kitchen an inviting place, not to mention that it could also serve as ambient lighting; display beautiful pieces of tableware in cabinets with mirrored or glass fronts and use mini-spots or LEDs to highlight them, this will definitely create a feeling of spaciousness and add drama and depth to the room; if you have a new stunning backsplash, apply accent lighting to make it a focal point of the space.

You could also try with lighting that is reinforced into a pot rack; it serves double, adding some extra storage space for pans and pots; this is really a fantastic idea that will completely change the atmosphere in your kitchen.

You could also try the “mix and match” concept and mix old and new: in a contemporary styled kitchen use a mega trendy “Industrial” pendant/a group of pendants for a chic look.

If you like any of these ideas, you could always adapt and apply it and then enjoy the fascinating new look of your kitchen.

  • The entry area

For long hallways opt for wall sconces, it is a great option for an attractive, soft light to not only complement other fixtures, but also enhance the décor; when possible choose sconces that match the style of any hanging fixtures used in that zone to add continuity to your overall lighting and decorating design because repetition is what creates a unified space.

Illuminate the staircase and make a feature out of it,  thus adding glamour and luxury to the space.

Consider using a hanging fixture – a pendant or a chandelier; both types of fixtures twinkle with a soft, welcoming glow and bring in drama and charm to your entryway.

  • Chandeliers

Generally, the magic of the chandelier lighting transforms any space and gives a whole new look to it. Nowadays they come in a great variety of sizes, shapes, and materials and could be installed in any room; their stylish and elegant look, especially that of crystal chandeliers, adds luxury and sophistication and makes the room a center of attraction; moreover, the fixture itself is an eye-catching one, it becomes the focal point of the space that personalizes it.

A chic idea is to use unique, make-a-statement fixtures to draw attention to a favorite furnishing, artwork or area of a room.

  • Transform a room from so-so to stunning with dramatic lighting

Here are some more ideas: brighten up an unusual space with colored lights; use uplighters positioned below beautiful large plants to create striking leaf patterns on the walls and ceiling or a narrow-beam downlight to illuminate a single vase or piece of art, its lower part remains in shade creating an extraordinary floating effect.

You could also try with wall washing, a beautiful effect that can be easily achieved with recess lighting; it bathes the wall in a soft light, to highlight the area, revealing details of intriguing architecture.

  • Exterior lighting ideas

Traditionally considered a way to add security and light walkways, outdoor lighting is also a great way to add drama and curb appeal to your home. Strategically placed fixtures create beautiful focal points.

Try with uplighting for an extra touch of drama and depth when illuminating trees, landscape features, and architectural elements from below, or with backlighting to create beautiful silhouettes by placing objects of interest in front of a lit surface and instead of directly lighting a tree, shrub or a statue, angle the light against a wall or fence behind the object.

There are plenty of lighting techniques to choose from that could be useful,  just be creative and bold,  and try to transform your home into a vibrant and colorful place.

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