Fun Design Tips For Your Home

It can often be easy for homeowners to gradually become somewhat bored with managing their homes – which is a shame, because when you first purchase a home every little detail is very exciting!

Still, once you get your home set up the way you like it, and you settle in, your tasks will gradually start to thin out, until most of what you’re focusing on isn’t exactly fun.

Going about regular maintenance, talking to Aviva about your home insurance, and making sure your home security is updated are not pleasure tasks, but sometimes they can take over your understanding of what it is to be a homeowner.

This is why it is important to try to do some fun and creative things with home design and decoration on occasion.

One of the best aspects of owning your own home is that the potential for design, creation and personal touch is limitless! Here are a few ideas of simple and surprising home design ideas that might keep you busy and give your home a more personal atmosphere.


Often, it is tempting to simply leave your lighting the way it is when you purchase your home. Basically, this isn’t an area that many people necessarily think to upgrade or get creative with.

However, installing new lighting can be fairly cheap, and can completely change the complexion of a room. For example, to make a dining room more elegant, consider a chandelier with wired lighting; if you want to make your kitchen look more modern, consider bare, hanging light bulbs. These kinds of designs can give you a great amount of creativity with your home.


Storage, and more precisely shelving, is another area which many homeowners view through the purpose of utility rather than design. However, instead of simply picking up the cheapest shelving unit that matches a room, you may want to consider having fun with how you organize your storage.

There are many shelving units and storage platforms that allow for an element of design and creativity, in addition to providing legitimate places to put things. For example, instead of buying an ordinary bookcase, purchase a staggered shelving unit, with books on one shelf, a potted plant on another, etc.

This can make a room look more carefully put together.


Gardening is a fairly popular activity when it comes to ways to update the appearance of a home.

However, many people still don’t realize just how easy it can be to create a garden that entirely alters your yard! You will need to focus on plants and flowers, and those can take time – but think about options like laying down your own path with simple stones purchased from a gardening center, or putting in a piece of furniture like a rustic bench or small birdbath.

A tasteful garden can be designed in a single weekend, and can make your home much more appealing.

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