Great Kitchen Interior Design – a Lot of Attention to Every Detail

When decorating your great kitchen think practically, use your creativity and imagination to successfully create a space that meets your necessities, a stylish and comfortable place that is the heart of your home.

Here are some more ideas and tips that you could also consider:

  • The different zones should be decorated in the same style, or at least you should bring in common elements; otherwise the space would look awkward

Generally, unity and cohesion are must – have elements of the successful great kitchen interior. Repeating décor details such as flooring, lighting fixtures, trims, window treatments, furniture, rugs, pieces of art, and so forth throughout the entire space will give it a great and inviting look.

  • As already pointed out, usually lighting indicates the different activity zones in this space. However, you might like to use some visual cues to direct attention to a certain part; for instance, you could change the level of the floor and make the dining and kitchen areas higher than the living area

A great option to separate the zones is to use carpets that anchor the sitting arrangements in the living and dining zones; if you opt for similar or complementary carpet models, they could serve both to define the zones and create a natural flow from one area to another for visual appeal.

  • As for the furniture, each zone might have its differences, just remember to keep to the “let it flow” concept, because the key to the inviting great room design is make different zones flow into and be natural parts of the entire space. So, opt for neutral and multifunctional pieces of furniture, which do not compete and you could easily update each zone just by changing the accessories. Always keep in mind that you should not block walkways with furniture


  • Set up focal points

The fireplace and the flat TV in the living area, a china cabinet in the dining area, pieces of art, the kitchen island or a stunning chandelier – you could feature different elements of the décor making them eye–grabbing points of the space, especially if you use appealing accent lighting.



  • Remember, the easiest way to enhance the décor of any space, add a touch of vibrancy and elegance and freshen it up is to incorporate plants and pieces of quality art

  • Accessorise the space


Place accessories in all three zones that complete their individual look – vases, scented candles, throw pillows are all great options, just be careful and employ the “less is more” theory, because accessories are meant to accentuate, not overcrowd the space.

So, if you are planning to remodel your home and you like the idea to create a great kitchen, approach carefully its design, considering it in terms of functionally and aesthetics, paying attention to every detail and you will have a comfortable space to spend time with your family and friends.

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