Hunter Ceiling Fans Combine Tradition and Modernity

Hunter ceiling fans come in an array of options to choose from in terms of styles, sizes, and housing finishes, as well as blade sizes and finishes to match different décor and color solutions. In addition, some models come with an automatic blade-balancing system for optimized performance; energy-saving formats are also available.

Note that since the majority of the models come with built-in lighting, they serve double – make heating and cooling the space more efficient and provide general illumination. In addition, some of the ceiling fans come 90% pre-assembled for an easy installation.

Furthermore, Hunter offers fans suitable for outdoor use; using any of these models is a smart choice to decorate a porch or patio space adding extra functionality, visual appeal, and charm.

Hunter uses the best materials, follows the traditions of the 19th century craftsmanship, and combines them with innovative technological solutions to create high-quality ceiling fans that offer whisper-quiet performance and add a touch of style, elegance, and sophistication to the décor of the space.


Note the award-winning FANAWAY model; made from recyclable materials, it has an energy-efficient design and functions as both a pendant lamp and a ceiling fan; it offers functionality, visual appeal, and a decorative touch of modernity to any space. In addition, it provides low-energy yet ample lighting.

As chandeliers, ceiling fans can be more versatile with the addition of a dimmer control to vary light intensity. SoftLights™ Pull Chain Dimming, one of the innovative solutions of Hunter ceiling fans, allows dimming without any additional controllers.

A low-cost alternative to air-conditioning in mild weather, ceiling fans help make spaces more comfortable. In hot weather, when combined with air-conditioning, they improve air circulation and offer comfort. Consider also that ceiling fans are a safer, especially for children and pets, and a space-saving alternative to floor fans.


Try to balance and coordinate ceiling fans and spaces to maximize airflow; do not forget that airflow serves as an effective deterrent to flying insects. As for positioning, if possible, install fans in the middle of the space, close to sitting arrangements where people usually gather. Note that fans are most effective when hung from ceilings higher than 2.5 meters.

For spaces with higher or slopped ceilings, hang the fan from a drop rod. Since some models are heavy, make sure that the support from ceiling joists is adequate.

Always consider incorporating Hunter ceiling fans; a charming addition that complements the décor, fans become a focal point that gives a personality to the space. A sensible solution to home comfort, Hunter ceiling fans represent functionality, innovative approach, beauty, and style.

Moreover, these fans are a smart choice that improves air quality, adds extra charm to the space, enhances its décor, and increases its energy efficiency.

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