Interior Design Ideas For Your Conservatory

You don’t have to have interior design expertise to create a beautiful, impressive conservatory, and you don’t need a lot of money, either. Adding a conservatory to your home offers you some design possibilities you can’t get in other rooms; use the space to its fullest with the tips below.

A conservatory is where indoors and outdoors meet—to play upon this theme, blend the two areas by including outdoors-themed items such as:

Big conservatory with black classic chandelier


  • Potted plants (if possible, bring in cuttings from your garden)
  • Garden decorations
  • Natural-material furnishings
  • Landscape paintings and prints

It only takes a few creative, small touches to blur the boundary between the outdoor and indoor parts of your environment, and with a conservatory, you can get that outdoorsy feeling while still being in the comfort of home.

Consider the Border Between Your Conservatory and Your Home

You’ve thought of how to better blend your conservatory and outdoor areas, but have you given any thought to how your home works with the area? Walk from your home’s interior to your conservatory; stop for a few minutes, then walk back inside, noting the differences in ambience between the two rooms. Conservatories are lighter and more open, and the transition between them and the interior of the home can sometimes be a bit jarring.

If you’d like to more subtly blend the two areas, bring the conservatory’s ambience indoors by decorating the adjacent room with some small outdoor touches: small potted plants, brighter lighting and natural artwork.

Decide on a Theme

Maybe you want to go above and beyond simply creating a “natural” look, or you’re looking to do something different with the area.

A conservatory is a versatile space with which to work; the better lighting can be wonderful if you’re looking for a minimalistic feel. Leaf through some interior design books and magazines, and look for ideas in other places (such as the local library, the museum, or even on TV’s period dramas).

When it’s time to plan your conservatory’s design, sit back with a nice refreshing beverage and assemble a scrapbook of your favorite decor ideas. When you go about the process in a relaxed way, ideas flow naturally—be sure to keep pen and paper nearby in case inspiration strikes!

Traditional conservatory with patio

Form and Function are Equally Important

When you’re choosing items to put in your conservatory, gather things which will work in a brightly-lit environment as high UV concentrations can damage some indoor-only furniture. Consider furnishings made of wicker, cane, or rattan; there are so many options available that your only constraints are your imagination and your budget.

Once you’ve decided on a conservatory design that’s right for your home and your family, you’ll need to decide whether to do the work yourself or hire it out. If you’re handy with tools, designing and building your own conservatory can be a rewarding project—but if you’re not the DIY type, hiring out the work may be a better idea.


James is very passionate about his garden and he’s recently purchased a new conservatory to bring more natural light into his house. The conservatory was sourced from the specialists at Stormclad.

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