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If you are restyling a house, or even just one room, it is worth considering the Japanese tradition of Tokonoma: a recessed space in a Japanese reception room where works of artistic merit can be displayed for proper appreciation. This alcove is a separate space protected from intrusion by the uncultured by common consent. No one enters the alcove except by the permission of the householder to change or rearrange the objects therein.

Arrayed in the tokonoma there is usually a wall scroll, perhaps calligraphic, perhaps pictorial, In front of this may be an arrangement of flowers or even a bonsai tree.  In our culture we could possibly also show a small sculpture in this location. This space is the focal point for admiration and appreciation from guests to the house. However, in a quirk of Japanese etiquette, the most important visitor is placed with their back to the tokonoma. This is in order to not appear to be “showing off” by heavy handedly pointing out your own good taste. The honoured guest will, in return, no doubt make a point of graciously noticing the treasures of his/her host.

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On one side of the tokonoma is a pillar, usually of wood, which is in some way also an object for admiration and appreciation. This might be of natural wood, even with bark still attached to show the beauties of nature in the raw, or smoothed and planed wood to show the beauty of the grain.

This almost holy shrine is the ideal place to allow the beauty of your flower display to show to best advantage. The uncluttered space forms a frame to draw the eye to the show-cased vase or dish of naturally beautiful leaves and blossoms.

Frank Lloyd Wright , the American architect, was a great admirer of Japanese culture. He incorporated the concept of the tokonoma into its western equivalent: the fireplace alcove. This, in a very different way, is the central attraction of a western room, although some may find that, in our modern Western culture, a large flat screen television is more often the focal point.

However, for a calmer, meditative feel to a room we would do well to copy the Japanese and install our own tokonoma when restyling. In this way your surroundings can be modified at regular intervals simply by changing the picture or scroll and the flowers on display. Thus you can create a whole new style statement simply by a quick phone call or e-purchase and your flower delivery can be there within hours.

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