Is your attic left unused?

Usually attics are left unused and they do not have their own identity. However, use your imagination and creativity to transform the attic into a functional place adding either extra living space or a well-organized and inviting storage solution.

Before you start remodelling this space, focus on some essential factors, such as ventilation, isolation, access, and lighting.

  • The staircase

Incorporate a solid, fixed staircase because it is necessary for an easy access. Remember, whatever the staircase, it adds style to the décor. Illuminate it for safety reasons and visual appeal; add on/off switches at the top and bottom for convenience. Step lighting, recessed wall lights, and sconces are all great options.

You could also opt for LEDs along the staircase or LEDs recessed into the staircase runner for a touch of modernity.

Furthermore, you could accentuate the staircase and make it a focal point of the space. Any glass or mirrored mosaic solution maximises natural light for an airy, spacious look and adds glamour and luxury to the décor.

  • Lighting

As for attic lighting, primarily let as much natural light as possible. If necessary and feasible, add dormers and skylights. They not only brighten up the space, but also put a touch of extra charm. Then, determine the amount of light the attic receives to decide how much artificial light you need to install.

Your next step is to co – ordinate lighting with the function of the attic after its repurposing.

Generally, the simplest solution is to use portable fixtures as sources of atmospheric and task lighting. Since they do not require additional wiring, you do not need to rework the electrical system. There is an impressive array of options to match any design solution.

Choose from desk and table lamps, armed lamps, floor lamps, and torchieres; all they come with shades to evenly diffuse light through the space. Their versatility allows using them for multiple purposes.

Whatever the choice, these fixtures definitely personalise the space and enhance the décor. Try to use matching fixtures as repeating décor details; this is a smart concept to unify your attic and bring a touch of luxury.

However, if the attic is larger and portables could not provide adequate lighting, focus on adding other fixtures. Keep in mind that the choice depends on the function of the space. Recessed lights always work well in larger spaces; they are simple, do not have any hardware and keep any space looking fresh and uncluttered.

Ceiling fixtures – pendants or chandeliers, are always a smart choice.  They serve double – provide ample illumination and put a touch of style and sophistication.

Whatever you choose, be bold and creative and convert your attic to add an extra value to your home.

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