Kitchen lighting design

Let’s take a look at the modern kitchen design lighting. I would like to show you some ideas and concepts of kitchen lighting that might be interesting for you. You can check some of the articles in my blog to see what are the key elements in designing kitchen lighting, so I won’t discuss the topic here again. I will only give you some tips about shown interior designs.

Standard kitchen with big windows delivering a lot of light directly at the sink. Because the ceiling is very high, you can’t see any lights installed, except the one from the absorber. The kitchen is in light champagne colour and is reflecting enough light. You can have here one general lighting chandelier at the ceiling to satisfy your lighting demands.

Great kitchen design – white coloured pendant over the table, big windows and under cabinet lighting for the food preparation area. The floor is wooden and a little bit dark – not the best choice. The big two bulb pendant is made of fabric and is hanging on two steel cords – allowing you to adjust the height. The down side of using fabric for a kitchen pendant, especially white coloured is the dirt that will cover it after some time.

Modern state-of-the-art food preparation area with accent lighting from the walls. Those are proffesional lighting kardans with halogen bulbs, adjustable light direction. The light is reflected from the wall which is textured like bricks. There is also lighting under the drawers. No light from the ceiling, but with so much white in the interior, the light is more than enough.

That’s a small kitchen with one central hanging pendant over the table. The pendant has a big opal glass to diffuse the light in the kitchen. There is some design idea by combining black and white chairs, but as I see the counter top is wooden, so may be the idea was different.

Ultra modern concept of a kitchen. Everything is like missing here. They have two mini pendants and the other lighting is what they call it – concealed lighting. If you want to have something like that, you have to design the walls and ceiling in a way that they allow these lighting strips to follow the edges – you can use LED strips with cold or warm white light. Price of those LEDs is really cheap now.

This food preparation area is styled in rustic design. These pendants are resembling an old ship or sea pub. They imitate strong protection from wind, dust and some other nature aggresive phenomena. There is also light just over the sink, styled like an old sewer pipe.

Small and low ceiling kitchen. The downlights are installed on the angled ceiling, but so that they can provide enough light. The absorber is also using it’s own light to make this kitchen properly lit and comfortable to use.

Kitchen lighting design

My favourite choice here. Beautifully styled in black, white and dark wood modern kitchen. The lighting is designed as it should be. Powerful downlights are making the sink and counter-tops a place with enough light to make all your delicious meals. Adorable big pendant in white, with the shape of the table beneath it. The tiles are also in black and white. I can only imagine what is the feeling of cooking in such a perfect kitchen.

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