Layers of lighting

Most popular types of lighting

There are three types of lighting. Ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Even if you don’t care about those general types you will find yourself using at least one of them. So, to the point – why there are exactly three types or a.k.a. layers of lighting. Well, there are even more, but we will discuss them later.

Ambient lighting

  • Ambient lighting – short answer – the general lighting in the room. It can be a chandelier in the centre of your ceiling or some downlights symmetrically situated in the room.The ambient or general lighting is what you need for every room – kitchen, bedroom, living-room , etc. The basic idea is that you need some general light and you need it without a question. The other option is to make a fireplace and depend on it for lighting, but that makes reading a really hard task. So, what you will choose for your general lighting is up to you, but I will give you a tip: choose chandelier with more lights, because more points of light are making diffuse lighting which is better accepted by human eyes. It is more comfortable and will make objects appear smoother.


table lamp

  • Task lighting – when you need light to perform some tasks or activities in a particular room or place , you will need task lighting. It is necessary to make visual perception accurate and help you with doing your task. But you should not mistake it with the lighting for a specific area or accent lighting, because different tasks require specific illumination. In most cases, more light means more comfort and properly installed lighting eases eye strain and gives you more precision while working. This also helps concentration and shortens the time needed for completing the task. For example – in the kitchen you should have a good task lighting in the areas where you are preparing your food – you should be able to read recipes, to cut sharply with knife, clean products and so on…..are you sure you don’t need enough light, when you are trying to slice those delicious steaks into a tiny pieces? And not have your fingers cut? So the task lighting could be achieved by having lights pointing to specific area or direction and making these spots more bright and well illuminated. Hint: – you don’t need such light whenyou design your bedroom lighting – bedroom is a place to relax, not to work.

lights for painting

  • Accent lighting – that’s the lighting that gives freedom for everyone to improvise with light. This type of lighting adds drama to specific areas, pieces of art or interior / exterior architecture.  You can use such type of lighting to highlight key objects. Most popular accent lighting is painting lights – you can put spots over the painting and direct them at some wide angle to the piece of art. Good illumination makes paintings more real and saturated. You should choose such an angle that is not causing any glare. Some other accent lighting types are recessed and track lighting. The best advantage of the track lighting is the option to move the lights along the track and change the direction of light.

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