LED Lighting Ideas for Your Home

LEDs are in! Energy – efficient, with longer lifespan, compact, smaller in size, cool to touch, and much brighter because of the advancing technology, LED lights are an eco-friendly lighting option; furthermore, since they consume less energy, they reduce your energy costs.

In 2012, LED fixtures are expected to definitely break all boundaries in terms of shapes, sizes, and styles and become a center of the lighting industry.

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are simple to apply because these tiny bulbs fit easily into modern electric circuits to bring fun, function, and beauty to home décor.

LED lights can be used anywhere in your home to add color or accentuate some design elements; for instance, when mounted underneath the edges of counters and tables, LEDs are perfect for creating dramatic indirect lighting accents that beautify your home. You can create a unique LED accent by putting a bunch of LEDs inside a jar or bottle  and use it as a lamp; try with some different colored glass bottles or jars with LEDs inside for interesting and beautiful effects throughout the room.

Consider using LED strip lights as an endless source of interior design ideas due to their wide range of application; for instance, LED strips can be used for task lighting in kitchens to illuminate worktops as well as a source of additional light. From a safety point of view, the strips are ideal since they operate at low voltage, and they are also available with silicone covering, protecting them from water.

LED plinth lighting/with either LED strips or individual LED mini-spots/ lends a contemporary touch to any kitchen and looks especially good on polished floors; essentially, it floods the floor with light which both connects elements of the room together and makes the room appear larger.

Always consider using dimmers to provide variable lighting plus decorative effects; there are some places where the use of LED dimmable task lighting is typical: edges of furniture, behind certain pieces of furniture, within cabinets for illuminating shelves, around mirrors, along staircases.

Keep in mind that strip lights are an ideal option for accent lighting; apply LED up lighters under a glass coffee table to completely change the atmosphere in your home because when wisely planned, lighting can really work miracles.

Generally, LED strip lights tend to be very thin and can adhere to just about any surface, that’s why can fit in many places that traditional lighting cannot.

LED spotlights are an option to showcase photographs and artwork; with a set of spotlights on the ceiling you could light up a dark hallway, entryway or stairway leading down to a basement.

For drawers consider installing LED drawer lights. Attached to a sensor and battery operated, drawer lights are triggered to light up when needed; since they are cool to touch, they will not heat up a small space.

LED string lights work both indoors and outdoors; strings of LEDs can be affixed to the ceiling or along the walls or outside, in trees or along walkways. Apply them vertically to make a partition and define a room or outdoors around your porch.

LED lights are perfect for making outdoor landscapes illuminated and stylish. Generally, landscape lighting is used for decorative and functional purposes; safety and visibility are the two most important functional reasons. Among the most important design uses are: up-lighting to provide ambient light in the area; down-lighting to provide targeted light from above; silhouette lighting to provide dramatic accents by casting light behind specific design elements, and colored LED lights to provide color washes and add interest. LED lights that can be used outdoors fall into two basic types: solar-powered and 12-volt powered.

LED lamps come in different designs and styles to match the décor in your home; for a trendy vision and a wow effect, opt for the eye-grabbing LED block lamps to create a sleek and modern design.

LED lights are an eco-friendly option for lighting up your home; they consume less energy and reduce your energy costs. So, go green and try to incorporate LED lighting to beautify your home and add a touch of modernity.

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