Libera: A Lamp with a Special Personality

Libera is a result of the partnership between Brian Rasmussen, a Danish designer, and Lucente, an Italian lighting design brand that focuses on using avant-garde technology to create lights “ahead of the curve in elegance, style, originality, and absolute efficiency that can improve the quality of life due to their functional and aesthetic appearance.”

This reminiscent of waves fixture comes as a matte white-painted pendant or table/floor lamp; Libera is available in two sizes to meet various lighting needs. Its centre, which holds the light source, is a blown glass cylinder wrapped up in layers of different-sized aluminium sheets placed one over another to form a sleek, spherical spiral that can adorn any residential space. Lucente pendant in kitchen

Libera is a chic lamp, a statement fixture, a genuine piece of luxurious furniture that would look great above a dinette area, illuminating a large multipurpose great room, or resting on an end table to indicate a sitting zone in an open space. Furthermore, Libera goes beyond the boring functionality of a mere source of light because it captivates and unleashes imagination.

Lighting is a key element of the interior décor; it changes atmospheres, affects moods, and influences spaces; Libera lamp, which with a flick of the switch creates a magical, delicate play of light, clearly demonstrates this concept.

Lucente pendant

Its design is what matters; layered and slightly twisted, it creates a pleasing soft, bright glow and casts an intricate pattern of shadows on the ceiling and walls; this pattern of light, shadows, and reflection is dynamic; it changes according to the perspective for an amazing effect that adds charm and drama to the space.

Pendant in the dark

This stunning undulating fixture hovers in midair in a mesmerising manner casting suggestive, playful shadows and creates an illusion of constant movement.

This distinctive lamp not only illuminates the space in an exciting way, it also embellishes any room and enhances its décor adding a touch of style, elegance, sophistication, and modernity. Generally, Libera is a perfect lighting solution that provides adequate light and beautifies the space.

Table lamp

As other projects of Lucente, Libera is a fixture that stands out and has its own personality; the lamp is a simple and organic yet elegant and exquisite light that could not be missed.

Chic table lamp

Libera is an evocative fixture; due to its design, light reflects off layers of wave-like aluminium sheets to create an alluring pattern of light and shadows that grabs attention and brings a dash of magic in any space.

White pendant

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