Light up Your Bathroom for Maximum Beauty and Functionality

Bathroom – a favorite place in everyone’s home. A place to relax and enjoy the purity of water. We think of the bathroom as a place where we can wash away our problems and energize our body and mind.

You’d like to add some extra luxury and sophistication in the bathroom? It’s not that difficult, be bold and take advantage of the various proposals for bathroom lighting:

  • Try with a sparkling and elegant crystal chandelier

Chandeliers are becoming increasingly more widespread in bathrooms; using a chandelier is a perfect option for lighting the space – ample ambient light in addition to the touch of style, beauty, and stunning glamour; furthermore, such an eye-grabbing fixture immediately becomes the focal point of the space.

  • Give your bathroom a fresh, modern twist

Tired of the wall sconces flanking the mirror? Hang two pendants instead, the effect will be the same, but with a new look and a unique atmosphere; still another similar option is to use fluorescent vertical light bars that can serve the same purpose.

  • Bathrooms are the perfect place to play with light and add drama and style to your bathroom

One of the walls of your bathroom is plain, unadorned, boring? Wash it with light either by an up lighter or a ceiling fixture positioned close to the wall and directed to it.

You could also make use of accent lighting to draw attention to display areas, ornate sinks, textured tiles, beautiful bathtubs, architectural details or artwork; decorative candle sconces, spotlights with low voltage halogen bulbs for energy efficiency, small table lamps with beaded shades, LED soft strips are some of the options to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

  • Try lighted mirrors

Since they eliminate shadows from every angle, these mirrors are a great option for task lighting; versions with dimmers are also available to help change the atmosphere as to meet your needs; furthermore, they could add a touch of modernity to the space.

  • Add accessories to personalize the space, there are plenty of options that could immediately enhance the décor

Think about the details, sleek accessories complement modern bathroom design. Try with shimmering mosaic tiles, a statement chair, a designer towel stand, or shapely glass bottles filled with bath oils for an elegant display, the latter could be highlighted with accent lighting. Stylish laundry bins could serve double – as a make-a-statement accessory and to keep the bathroom clear and tidy. Adding scented candles/for a touch of luxury and romance/ is always a great idea. A small vase of fresh flowers brightens up the space and brings some softness and tranquility into the space.

Use some imagination and creativity, be bold, show your style and add a finishing touch to the space to enhance the décor.

An efficient lighting scheme brightens the space, creating a safe, pleasant, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere; yet for the perfect balance try to incorporate as much natural light as possible. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, consider to add a window or a skylight as a source of warm natural light. There are plenty of options – if neighbors are too close, a skylight, roof window, or glass blocks are all clever ideas to introduce natural light without compromising privacy or esthetics. If privacy allows, think about using a large window, or an elegant arched window that blends with the traditional bathroom design.

Generally, do not underestimate good lighting; it is a must-have in your bathroom, ample lights make the space inviting and visually appealing. So, think and plan carefully to create your comfortable, stylish, and functional bathroom.

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