Light Up Your Life with Designer Lighting

Lighting is all important in any interior design. The quality of light that you achieve in your home has a huge impact on the atmosphere and mood of a room, as well as influencing the appearance of size and space. But the lightshade that you select has an equally dramatic effect, and it’s important to spend time choosing the right style and colors to complement your design scheme.

If you really want to add a touch of grandeur to your home, you won’t want to settle for anything less than top quality designer lighting. Here’s a quick guide to some of the latest trends that will help you to create a striking new feature in any room of your home.

Beaumont Lights

The Beaumont range fuses traditional elegance with modern sensibilities with its combination of crystal pendants and polished chrome. This creates a stunning playground for light, which will bounce around the multiple surfaces in a truly beautiful display. The chandelier is then encircled with colored fabric so that the light is gently diffused to a soft, comforting glow before passing into the rest of the room. With a choice of floor standing and table lamps as well as hanging chandeliers, a Beaumont light will never fail to draw the eye of every guest.

Crystal ceiling light with white lampshade

Chrome and Glass Orbs

This mix of materials creates a stylish ensemble that can form the basis of a multitude of contemporary design schemes. Chrome and glass are clean, sleek and ultra-modern materials that are most at home in urban style homes. The light that shines through the glass orbs is reflected in all directions by the smooth surface of the chrome, creating a lamp or chandelier that has the appearance of an example of modern art.

Lighting fixture with chrome orbs

Organic Shapes

Speaking of art, we’ve all taken the time to pause over a classic sculpture and perhaps marveled at the beauty of the human figure. This has long been a source of inspiration for all art forms, and there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate it into your home. A beautiful torso lamp will create a real talking point, or for a slightly more subtle reference perhaps a standing lamp inspired by the vertebrae of the spine?


A Taste of Hollywood

If you’ve always longed to experience the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood movie set then these lamps offer the perfect opportunity to bring a taste of LA into your home. Providing a clear beam of direct light, these lamps are a great way to give a boost to any darker areas that may be lurking in a difficult corner.

Retro styled lighting tripod floorlamp

Sculpted Lamps

Lighting is widely accepted as another way to accessorize your home, which is why more and more designers are experimenting with sculpted materials such as fiber glass and woven wire to create a huge variety of light giving shapes. With a lamp in the shape of a vase and flowers you will never need to worry about replenishing your blooms to ensure that your home has a natural feel.

Lighting like vase


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