Lighting ideas: 5 fantastic modern ceiling lights

1. Three light pendant by Archilume. Dimmable LEDs and clear lens providing soft and direct spotted light to illuminate bars, counters and table. Ideal to put over a small table or some place where you want to accent with light.


Fine crafted three light pendant with glass and LEDs

2. 21 Series by BOCCI. Made from porcelain and crafted in conical form to incorporate the light inside. There are exactly 21 lights that makes the lighting fixture complete.

Art style ceiling light for over table spaces

3.  One Crystal Chandelier by Thomas Feichtner. Strangely curved tubes with LED light to illuminate the crystals. Such piece of art can add visual style to your home.

Beautiful state-of-the-art chandelier with crystal and LEDS

4. Nimba LED suspension light by Santa & Cole. The suspension light is successor to the Nimba serie from 1997. Modern technology is making it more efficient than ever.

LED circle light over a table

5. Delta Light by Metronome. Modern pendant to compliment any stylish and contemporary interior.

White pendant with sliced acrylic material

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