Lighting ideas and tips

When designing your new interior or even when you are just redecorating your home, it is a good idea to plan the lighting. Here are some ideas about lighting that might help you in achieving good comfort in your home. You can follow all these tips and combine them with your personal vision and requirements. If you can’t afford an electrician and a guy with knowledge of interior design, than you can improvise by yourself.

  • Inspect and arrange the lighting installation – wires and switches

Sometimes you are having your wires already installed, so it will be a difficult task to change the places of the lighting fixtures, but if you are moving into a brand new flat or house, than you have all the freedom to rearrange it. The usual place for the general lighting is the center of the ceiling. Well, it works in most cases, but if you need some more light in particular area of the room, think of wall sconces. They will give you more light and can be switched on separately from the main lighting. Some of these lighting fixtures are having pull switch allowing you to turn them on and off easily. In my opinion, it is a good idea to have real switch installed on the wall, so that you can control all of the wall lights together.

Regarding your general lighting, the best lighting idea is to split the lamps of the chandelier or ceiling light in two parts. For example, if you are having a chandelier with 8 bulbs, a good proportion will be 5 to 3. For this particular example, you will have three different luminous fluxes, giving you more control and flexibility.

  • Choosing style of the lighting

You should have the whole picture of your future interior design, in order to correctly select the corresponding lighting fixtures. There are two common styles: classic / traditional and modern / contemporary. The traditional is presented by big, heavy,multi-colored chandeliers with a lot of curves and glass or fabric lampshades. It is a wide spread conception that these interiors are warmer and more comfortable. On the other side, contemporary lights are preferred by the fast pace, modern and young people with futuristic vision and desire to be uncommon, even eccentric. The finish of these state-of-the-art luminaries is often polished chrome, with mirror effect. One of the trends of all times is the addition of crystals. They are diffracting the light in so many colors, that everyone is amazed.

  • How much light do you need for a particular room

One of the most common questions that my customers keep asking me is How many bulbs should I have to properly lit my living room. Well, that’s a hard question to give a simple answer. There are so many variables to define before even think about that sort of questions. Color of walls, size and type of furniture, are there any windows, what will be the purpose of the room, etc.

My simple answer is: rectangular room of 12×12 ft needs power of approximately 150-200W of incandescent bulbs or five times less if you use the new energy-saving lamps.

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