Lighting in atomic design

Recently, I have found this amazing project by an Italian design studio – MYYOUR. Some of you may think about their design as a weird idea, but it is very original and authentic. We have to admire all those designers who are brave enough to experiment and create new and extraordinary concepts, because the future is based on their ideas – no matter if this considers lighting, furniture or any other interior design.

Described as a modular elements, which can be joined without limits and representing the links in atomic structure. White or coloured in any desired colour made of plastic and durable enough to be used in a variety of interiors. You can construct any shape you need, just like creating a puzzle. The freedom that you have arranging the pieces is the most interesting concept.

If you are short of lighting ideas – these plastic shapes are what you need. You can make tables, drawers or any other piece of furniture with light glowing inside.  You can individually switch some of the bodies.

Fresh and bright coloured “balls” are ideal for children party club or some other place where you can entertain the kids. All these lamps and furniture will look like candy.

If you need more official or representative interior than you can stick to more fashionable colours like white and grey. You can use a simple line construction as a decorative wall to separate areas in a hall or other big room. I can even consider creating a fake door with these.

What about decorating you shop with such atomic links? Well, it is not a good idea to try it in a hardware or grocery, but if you are in the cosmetics or beauty shop it will be a nice environment.

Generally, the products designed by MYYOUR and especially this family of exceptional lighting and furniture are worth the attention.

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