Lighting – step by step

When choosing the best interior design for a room, we often neglect lighting. However, the lighting type you choose will certainly give the room its unique look and style and can often lead to amazing results. Underestimated by many, lighting is one of the most important things that determines the room atmosphere. This article will hopefully give you a few good ideas on how to use lighting for decoration purposes.

Natural light

Before selecting the type of artificial lighting that best suits you, think about the natural light. Natural light is warm and welcoming. Well lit rooms with huge windows and a lot of space look good and benefit both your mental and physical health. There are a few ways to make your rooms get more natural light. For instance, you can try using mirrors. Cover one of the walls with mirrors and you will get a lot brighter room that looks twice as big as before. If there are trees right in front of your window, prune and trim them. You can also try using brighter paint. Paint the walls with a brighter paint that has a soft shade of a warm and sunny colour like yellow, for example.

After setting things straight with natural light, it’s time to choose the artificial light sources in your room. There are two types of artificial lighting- ambient and accent.

Ambient light is actually the combination of reflections from different surfaces. They produce an illumination that we call that way. Ambient lighting adds a nice touch to the atmosphere and style of each and every room. Many interior designers have centred their work around ambient lighting and are achieving amazing results! So, there are a few interesting ambient lighting ideas. One of them involves the use of mirrors, as mentioned in the second paragraph. Mirrors will reflect all types and colours of light. The result is a well lit and colourful room!

Bedroom lighting

Glare is the biggest ambient lighting enemy. You will need to use special lights in your room that don’t produce glare. Usually, this is done by two techniques, called indirect lighting and wall-washing. Indirect lighting involves the use of hidden light bulbs all over the room. It’s a certain must, especially for rooms with TV’s, computer screens or other appliances that operate at their best in a glare free environment. The wall-washing technique is actually pretty simple- install lights on the floor or the ceiling at regular intervals. This is the key to effective ambient lighting.

Now that we’ve covered natural and artificial lighting, it’s time to say a few words about lighting fixtures. Are there any interesting ways to use them? Yes, of course, there are! There are many lighting fixture types. For instance, the floor lamps are becoming one of the favourite lighting products of consumers around the world. Floor lamps can create an intimate and cosy atmosphere in a room.

Ceiling lamps are also a preferred choice for lighting fixtures. Using them in a room will give it a stylish and expensive look. Table, shaded, down, armed and up lamps are just a small part of the huge amount of lighting fixtures that exists. With all that variety it shouldn’t be hard to create an all unique lighting room design for your home!

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