Magdalena by Terzani: A Touch of Breathing Vitality

The Magdalena collection is a project of Bruno Rainaldi for Terzani. The Italian designer is known for producing the right object for the right use and the Tuscan company – for focusing on combining the traditions of Italian craftsmanship with innovative technology.

This collection comprises two pendants and a floor lamp; their simple, elegant design and the impeccable quality of materials and finishes make these veritable pieces of art an exquisite embellishment of any space.

The Terzani Magdalena collection lamps are designed and cut with 3D laser technology; the result is fixtures with an extraordinary structure that cast an unusual circular pattern of light and shadows effect that adds a touch of modernity and breathing vitality to any interior solution.

All fixtures are metal, available in two diameters and different finishes/white – painted, tin-plated, or with hand applied gold leaf decoration/, and a red cord is obtainable. This variety of colours allows not only to match any décor, but also to create visual appeal and certain atmospheres that meet your preferences and needs.

Both the spherical and the dome Magdalena suspensions influence every space and have an immediate wow effect even when turned off. When lit, these fixtures become luminous spheres. Decorated with numerous irregular horizontal laser-cut outlets that allow light to expand its range to the entire room, they highlight the shape of the space.

Unquestionably, these pendants go far beyond the vision of pure sources of light; they are something special; they attract your imagination and provoke your emotions, and give aesthetic pleasure. They not only beautify the décor, but also personalise it and add a touch of uniqueness to your home.

Consider the option to use both a Magdalena pendant and floor/table lamp. Generally, it is a stylish concept to incorporate fascinating repeating décor items throughout the entire area for a harmonious look of your home.

This globe floor lamp on plexiglass base is a statement piece on its own; as with the suspensions, the irregularity of the light openings creates a peculiar play of lights and shadows on interior walls and floors for some extra charm and creates a special atmosphere in the space.

To summarise, the Terzani Magdalena collection is a project that definitely blurs the lines of lighting in terms of functionality and aesthetics because any of fixtures is a perfect option to both illuminate and embellish your space; moreover, all these stunning fixtures redefine the way luxury lighting is created.

So, opt for any of these evocative pieces of art to enhance the décor of your home bringing a certain feel of style, elegance, glamour, and sophistication.

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