Maintain That Summer Look into Autumn

Many of us do not enjoy the change from summer to autumn. The weather starts to get colder; the days shorten and even though the poet may well have sung his praises to the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ autumn can prove to be a shock to the system.


One of the best ways of keeping happy is to be confident that as soon as you return home and shut away the chilly autumnal gloom you can just flick a switch and your home will be ready to welcome you. Effective lighting can really transform a house and with the number of design ideas and innovative light fittings currently on the market there is no reason why your house cannot continue to reflect the joy of the summer.

The Conservatory

If you have a conservatory then, this is one of the easiest rooms in which to maintain that summery feel. Why not fill the room with flowers housed in beautiful contemporary glass vases. Glass refracts the light so any sunbeams bouncing off a brightly coloured piece of glass will fill this room with an ethereal glow. The design of lighting in the conservatory is important. Try to avoid overhead strip lighting as the height of the conservatory ceiling can mean that all the light will be wasted in the roof space. There are very many different Tiffany lights or even overhead crystal pendant lights that will enhance your furnishings as well as fill your room with a beautiful mellow glow.

Interior mood with candles


The change in the seasons is a good time to introduce some new ideas to the home décor. The dining room can be brightened up with some new lampshades or even a crystal chandelier. Why not make an investment in some new curtains or even roman blinds and then add a few subtle recessed lights?

Since the barbecues have been banished for the next few months, the autumn is still an excellent time to invite some friends around for a meal. A formal evening with candles placed in glass candlesticks, good wine, delicious food and some excellent company is an enjoyable way of passing an evening and banishing any thoughts of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Living Space

How the general living spaces of a house are decorated is entirely up to the individual but good lighting is always a bonus and quirky and unusual accessories will stamp your individuality on your home. For the parts of the house where reading or computer work is likely to take place then make sure that once the curtains are closed these rooms will still be bright and cheerful. Think about spotlights, desk lights or even adjustable floor lights; these will help minimise the glare onto a computer screen. To stop a room looking too drab many people have both books and a shelf just for flowers or crystal ornaments near their working space.

For those who spent the summer revelling in exotic overseas locations, have a look at some of the sophisticated picture framing ideas that are available and then mount your snaps. Remember to make sure that you light your work with an overhead picture light. Memories of the summer will remind you that it’s not long before you can start planning your next adventure.

Dartington Crystal have crafted a range of glass candlesticks and vases which can help brighten up your home this Autumn.

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