Make Your Small Kitchen Cosy and Comfortable

Even though small kitchens may seem a tough design challenge, use your imagination and with some professional advice you can find an option that meets your needs and style of life.

Here are some ideas for space saving and storage solutions:

• Keep in mind the rule of the classic kitchen triangle that regulates work flow; its three “points” are: sink, stove/oven, and refrigerator; the cook should be able to move unimpeded between these points, and they should not be far one from another

 • Use a galley kitchen design


• Think about including a kitchen island/peninsula – it could add both more workspace and freestanding storage, not to mention that immediately becomes the focal point of your kitchen


• Consider using compact appliances as well as appliances that can be hung underneath cabinets, and deeper counters

• Try to include an eating nook using a drop table or a small sized round table

• Hang up pots and pans, this is a great storage solution; in addition it will put some charm and character to your kitchen. You could also consider using the insides of cabinet doors to hang up miscellaneous items

• Eliminate clutter, use open cabinets and shelves, keep your countertops bare and the place will look roomy and spacious; think vertical, place above cabinet lighting aimed at the ceiling to add a sense of a greater height and visually expand the whole space

Use some imagination and creativity, show your style and add a finishing touch to the space to enhance the décor:

• Arrange several decorative plates, bowls, vases on an open shelve to bring in colour and mood


Decorate your kitchen with indoor plants, especially small ones, for example several small herb plants nestled in a pretty basket; plants always bring a fresh feeling to the kitchen interior. Consider carefully their placement – a great idea is a shelve close to the window or a hanging basket; as for the pots, show your style, you could use virtually everything – coloured pottery, chine tea-pots, mugs, and jars


 • Go green! Create an eco-friendly kitchen by using materials made from recycled or rapidly renewable resources/cork and bamboo floorings for instance, or recycled glass plates and backsplash/; by choosing countertops, cabinets and finishes with low environmental impact/environmentally – safe paint, organic fabrics coverings/, as well as by separating your waste products. You could also consider buying energy-efficient appliances and applying compact fluorescent bulbs/they use less electricity and come in a variety of sizes and colours/. You could at least try any of these ideas, some of the items are affordable and you can make your first steps to creating a stylish environmentally – friendly kitchen.

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