NLS Pendant: A Magnetic Hanging Sculpture

NLC pendant is a project of the designer Constantin Wortmann and Büro für Form for Next, a German lighting design company.

The lamp is made of PC/ABS, Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a blend that creates a stronger plastic. It comes in four color versions – white, glossy black, silver, and gold to match different color schemes solutions and works with six either LED or standard energy-saving bulbs.

Furthermore, dimmable LED option is also available, exclusively developed for this luminaire, which offers an opportunity to control the brightness level. Keep in mind a useful tip: dimmers are the simplest way to provide various lighting and decorative options.

The design is so minimalist that even the light source is invisible and each “branch” or “antler” comes with a glowing end.

As all other projects of Büro für Form, NLC hanging lamp is characterized by its visually appealing contemporary design and unusual, organic shape. This pendant definitely creates an atmosphere, radiates coziness, and adds charm and interest to the space.

The surface of the newest format sparkles warmly, reflecting a real gold leaf for an exquisite look of both classic and modern interior décor solutions.

NLC lamp is so futuristic and perplexing at first glance that imagination could play tricks. In the eye of a beholder, the shape changes with every new perspective – from an antique sculpture through the head of Medusa, antlers, or aliens dropping from the ceiling to branches crowning a treetop.

The pendant looks chaotic yet still organic; its appearance is strange and puzzling yet attractive and positively striking. This innovative fixture cannot be missed because is modern, distinctive, extraordinary, and magnetic. Whether single, in pairs, or in multiples, NLC creates an alluring atmosphere, sets accents, and grabs attention, regardless turned on or off.

NLC pendant is an award-winning lamp in 2012 Luminaire of the Year competition, a direct internet vote for consumers’ acceptance, and with good reason. This sophisticated yet not elitist light is functional and perfectly suitable for private homes. Attractive, captivating, and whimsical at the same time, the pendant becomes a focal point, a statement piece on its own.

If planning to change any place and lend it a fresh, modern look with just a single trendy touch, opt for NLC luminaire, a smart choice that definitely stands out. It could personalize and add style to the space; it enhances the décor, brings visual appeal and interest, and transforms any room from so-so to stunning.

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