Outdoor Lighting for Your Summer Soiree

Long summer evenings and warm weather make your garden, temporarily at least, an extension of your living space. Whether your evening entertainment is an intimate family cookout or you are throwing a huge garden party for your friends and colleagues, lighting your outdoor space with these top tips can create exactly the right ambiance.

Tiki Torches for Bug Control

Tiki torches come in a myriad of varieties, including solar powered and gas lit, but the traditional fuel variety are not only the cheapest to buy, and give the most authentic tropical party ambiance, but they can also be an effective bug deterrent if you use a citronella fuel mix.

More effective than citronella candles, which need to be lit in large numbers to be effective, some time before darkness falls, citronella mix tiki lamps can be used to create a ‘party perimeter’ by attaching to the trunks of trees around the garden, creating a relatively bug free haven for guests.

Modern outdoor space with lights

Save Power with Solar Lighting

Lighting a large garden can be costly, particularly with rising electricity bills. Solar powered lights have become increasingly popular and companies such as Bright Lightz offer solar lighting in such a wide range of options that it is impossible to find something that doesn’t work for your space.

Line paths and walkways with solar powered lamps that are simply pushed into the ground without need for wires concerns about safety, or drape solar powered fairly lights from tree branches for party lighting that is pretty and practical.

Garden with lots of lights

Create a Centre Piece with a Fire Pit

There is nothing like a flickering bonfire to create atmosphere and nothing says summer like a campfire. A fire pit is easy to construct and a handy source of extra warmth as the evening gets late. It is also an unparalleled focal point for any gathering. Simple seating such as cushions and logs, or simply blankets on grass, are instantly more appealing when arranged round a warm flickering flame.

An array of forks and marshmallows are party must, and for the culinary adventurous, the internet is rife with fire pit cookery tips and recipes – why settle for a boring barbecue when you can spit roast your dinner over a naked flame?

Whatever your event, make the most of your garden with the right lighting for your summer soiree.

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