Plan your home lighting

The plan of your lighting is not a two-minute task. You need to think and define what lighting do you need, where do you want it, how powerful or energy consuming it will be and of what design. If you are not sure about the basics do not try to make it on your own. Consider hiring a professional or at least someone with experience in wiring.  Don’t be afraid of experimenting and following your desire and vision of how to arrange the lights.These questions could be easily answered by following our tips. In this basic article we will have  a glance at what you need for planning your lighting.

  1. First of all , you have to know what will be the main purpose of the room. Is it a bedroom or kitchen? Or may be it is a conservatory with a lot of green plants? Well, I’m pretty sure you don’t want  to make your bedroom shining  bright as the noon sun.
  2. Locate the main task places in the room. You can do a lot of different tasks in every room, so take this into consideration.Plan of your home electrical installation
  3. Design the wiring for the lighting – ceiling light, wall lights, some other accent lighting if you like. Most probably, you won’t make the wiring yourself and you will hire an electrician, but you have to know exactly what you want. It is not just pointing a spot on the wall and say “I want a wall light here!” – you will also have to know from where you will switch on this particular wall light. May be you will like a big traditional chandelier with 8 bulbs in the dining room and you need to know, that it is a good idea to have a switch with two buttons, so that you can only switch on half of the bulbs.
  4. Another option is to have recessed lighting. It is  a modern lighting that is widely used. It could be used to make moody  atmosphere.

Following these steps you will have a clear plan of what is the lighting that you need and you can start thinking of the design and type of the lighting fixtures.

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