Quin.MGX by .MGX by Materialise: Incorporate Make-a-Statement Fixture

Using 3D printing technologies, the .MGX by Materialise collection combines the best of modern and traditional craftsmanship; each item is singly drawn and created by a laser beam and then carefully finished by hand, which makes it truly unique.

The Quin.MGX was designed by Bethsheba Grossman, who initially received a degree in mathematics in Yale; she shares the following about her creative approach: I’m an artist exploring the region between art and mathematics.”

The Quin.MGX lamps go far beyond pure lighting sources; they attract the imagination and emotions to create a peculiar sense of magic in any place.  

This group of lamps offers a variety of lighting options in terms of types, sizes, shapes, and light number versions: large and small pendant lamp, wall lamp, low and high table lamp, floor lamp, all with white nylon shade; in addition, there are two extra options for larger spaces: mini triplets hanging system and chandelier hanging system, made of brushed nickel and stainless steel, also with white nylon shade.

Consider that chandelier format comes in four lamp number versions/5, 9, 16, and 25/ for various degrees of luminosity to fully meet all specific lighting requirements; moreover, all chandelier versions come  with both circular and square ceiling plate; all formats are with halogen bulbs and can be customised for individual interior design projects.

Veritable pieces of art, these whimsical lamps serve as an exquisite decoration of any space to not only enhance and beautify the décor, but also add a touch of charm and drama to personalise the place and make it unique.

Actually, everyone is captivated by any of the formats; based on the aesthetic pleasure and symmetry of the dodecahedron, a mystical Platonic solid, the lamp emits light, which follows strange paths and illuminates the space in smooth spherical gradations; whether suspended over a kitchen island, resting on an elegant end table in a living room, or freely standing in a quiet place by the window where to sit and read, the stunning Quin.

MGX generates an emotional connection with you and your place; unquestionably, it could transform any room and make the difference between a boring, ordinary space and the eye – catching one; so, opt for any of formats to add extra visual appeal, interest, and charm to your home.

Generally, always keep in mind that lighting is what can make or break a room; it is an essential element of interior design in terms of both functionality and aesthetics; make your choice from the range of the Quin.MGX lamps and incorporate bold, make-a-statement fixture that will immediately become the focal point of the room to add style and sophistication to the décor.

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