Remove Dark Zones with Proper Lights


Do you feel your rooms are dark, unfriendly, and lifeless?

With extra thought and planning you could easily make-over your home into a lighter and cozier space.

Sometimes there are simple solutions, try these decorating tips:

  • Consider bringing in more natural light

You could try to replace the windows with larger ones, add an extra window or skylight, or replace the solid walls with glass bricks ones to allow light to enter the space as well as glass panels in internal doors to allow light to spread through your home.

  • Opt for light colors, this is a useful design idea for inadequately lit spaces

Try pastel hues of creams, blues, and greens for the walls and floorings; add furnishings and accents in warm colors – orange, the 2012 trendy yellow, red, and purple for a cozier place that looks attractive and luxurious.  Take into account that all shiny surfaces bounce light around the room to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and tranquility. Consider window treatment, remove all fussy curtains and opt for sheer fabrics.

  • Incorporate mirrors

Mirrors are a multi-functional must-have decorative element for any space; they also reflect light and could add an extra feeling of a brighter and larger space, and the bigger, the better – a full-length mirror is great if it fits the space. Furthermore, in terms of esthetics, a beautifully framed mirror adds drama, sophistication, and luxury to the décor, not to mention that it could even serve as a piece of artwork.

  • Lighting

Of course, lighting is your primary consideration, forget about the single hanging fixture and think creatively to add well-positioned lighting sources and illuminate all dark spots in your home. There are a number of options to choose from: portable fixtures, wall sconces, spots, recessed lights; generally, try to create pools of light to essentially enhance the atmosphere in the space; thus, for example, opt for uplighting the walls and ceiling so they are pushed up and out, either with standard lamp uplighters or with a recessed, floor-mounted uplighter that gives a dramatic wall wash on its way up to the ceiling.

Always consider adding accent lighting; it is a perfect option to brighten up a dark corner or illuminate a dark hallway; beautiful wall sconces are a simple multi-functional solution – apart from being a source of ample light, they complement the décor, personalize the space, accentuate your favorite collectibles, and add a touch of drama, charm, elegance,  and luxury.

Another great idea is to use kitchen track lighting to make brighter these areas of your kitchen that would otherwise be in shadow; the fixtures are flexible and could be directed at a specific spot or area and serve as task lighting. Furthermore, tracks are elegant and utilitarian, and give the space a fashionable look.

Always consider using dimmers; a simple combination of dim lights is useful to eliminate dark corners, especially when installed on shelves or decorative closets; they can be switched on only when needed. Apart from beautifying the room, their use also helps eliminate the dark corners that are formed from uneven lighting, not to mention that  attractively lit corners make any room look simply stunning.


Of course, the simplest way to lighten a dark corner in any interior space is to add some atmospheric or task lighting with portable fixtures; they come in such a wide variety in terms of style, design, shape, color, dimension, and lighting ability that could serve double – to light an otherwise dull space and enhance its décor. You could choose from table and desk lamps, armed lamps, floor lamps, and torchieres; use them to support the seating arrangements to create telly and conversation areas, and reading nooks. Generally, these fixtures are with shades that allow light to diffuse and glow through the space; moreover, they lend intrigue and personality to the area. Give your home a fresh, modern look with eco-friendly fixtures with natural motifs and organic shapes, one of the 2012 trends, or add sophistication and luxury with a Tiffany style lamp.



If you think these ideas could be useful to properly illuminate your home and eliminate its dark zones, try to adapt and apply them because adequate lighting can greatly enhance even the simplest interior décor.



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