Rhythm: Exciting Simplicity

Rhythm is the most exciting collection of luminaires I have seen lately. It represents infinity, simplicity, and diversity, as well as harmony, balance, and disruptive chaos. These innovative pendants combine minimalism and movement in a unique way and bring new possibilities in the field of lighting.

They are beautiful and hypnotic; they grab and keep attention; they immediately become focal points of any space and influence it with remarkable presence.

Rhythm series of hanging lamps is a project of the French-Israeli designer Arik Levy and L Design for Vibia, a Spanish design company. Vibia focuses on the purity of lines, as well as on details and finishes; it uses high quality materials to offer lighting fixtures of sleek, innovative design that blend perfectly with the interior décor current trends.

Rhythm has been awarded the “Best individual lamp/lighting device” at the IIDA/HD Product Design Competition 2012 for “blending the highest standards of innovation and beauty.

Different modules of stickers compose an amazing light object; each sticker can rotate on its axis; this design concept helps form virtually infinite number of horizontal or vertical configurations that create fixtures of various looks. Generally, the designer uses simple shapes to make stunning “lights in motion” balancing between harmony and disruption.

Each polycarbonate module incorporates dimmable LED technology strips that enable controlled light distribution and provides high light output, which makes this suspension an ideal light and decorative element for large spaces. Note that LED lights emit brighter light; they are an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting option.

Rhythm is available in 25 configurations in two colors/white lacquer or matte dark brown/ and several different sizes, as built-in and surface fitting. Furthermore, Rhythm’s design concept of free movement angle of stickers inspires the creativity of interior and lighting designers to compose exceptional fixtures that match specific décor solutions and meet concrete lighting necessities.

Generally, as all modular systems, Rhythm presents multiple possibilities to “co-create” and introduce unique lighting with a purpose, lights that fit perfectly into the space.

All hanging lamps of Rhythm collection are statement fixtures that enhance the décor and embellish the space; moreover, unique lighting usually becomes the main feature of the house. Rhythm fantastic pendants are a smart and unexpected lighting solution that adds a touch of modernity, style, interest, and sophistication.

In addition to providing ample light, these suspensions are also a charming way to personalize any living space and make it exclusive.

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