Setting Up Your Outdoor Dining Area

When setting up an outdoor dining area in the garden of your home, it’s important to think creatively so you can impress your friends and family!

One such great outdoor ornament providing cover and shade, perfect for sitting under while you eat, is a palm tree. And although some may equate palm trees only with warm Arabian climates, you’ll be surprised at how widespread they are in British garden centers, and how versatile they will be in your garden!

Palm tree canopies are effective shields in the summer months against the sun, and throughout the year they serve as a talking point for all who enjoy their ornamental decoration.

On your palm tree, you can string garden fairy lights. You can also hang fairly lights along your perimeter fence to establish a peripheral use of light, and to create atmosphere for your dinner parties during special occasions.

Just away from your decking, in the immediate surrounding area, try to locate an ornate water feature to add a sense of calm and ambient noise – sometimes these water features look best in the corner of a garden, with the dining area and decking set flush against the perpendicular fence.

And for those who would rather employ a more conventional canopy, there are certainly a wide array of canopies to choose from. Broadly speaking, there are two many kinds: the awning type, which is more suited to a dining area that is attached to the side of your house (so the awning can, in turn, be attached to the brickwork); and the free-standing kind.

These types of canopies are versatile in their portability, but make sure to get resilient ones so it can withstand strong winds and heavy rain. Either way, if the weather is good in the summer months, these kinds of canvas canopies will still allow you to create a very pleasant, sociable atmosphere for your dinner parties.

For the outdoor dining area itself, it is recommended to lay good quality wooden decking, which should be laid after some shallow foundations.

This decking will need to be varnished against the elements and against wear and tear, the benefits of which will also allow you some control in the final shade of color of the wood. On top of the deck, try to find outdoor furniture that is resilient but that can look stylish if well maintained.

Such furniture is usually hardy enough to live outside, but its covers should be kept indoors when it rains, or if the weather is particularly violent.

Overall, an outdoor dining area is a place for relaxation and enjoyment. It is also an opportunity to allow your creative juices to flow – for that reason, do not be afraid to experiment, and to combine different ideas that you come across online.

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