Six unbelievably tacky applications of LED lights

The benefits of LEDs – low energy lighting solutions – are well documented. They’re easy to fit. They last require less power to run. They last for longer. They’re environmentally friendly.

In fact, LED lighting is becoming an increasingly popular solution for both home owners and businesses when it comes to selecting their lighting equipment with some studies even claiming that – in comparison to regular halogen bulbs – LEDs can last up to 50 times longer.

However, that isn’t to say that some people have taken using LED lights to the extreme.

Christmas Extravaganza (gone too far)

We all know somebody –a neighbour, a friend or family member, perhaps – that likes to go a bit over the top when it comes to Christmas decorations. Yes, we get it – you’re wonderfully excited and you just love this time of year. Regardless, this home owner has taken Christmas lights to a whole new level – a creepy level.

Planning a party?

From outside of the home to the inside (not the same one, I hope). This next LED mishap comes from what appears to be a living room. I say living room, it looks more like a night club rather than somewhere you’d relax after a hard day’s work – even the television is decorated (use that term loosely) with colourful lights.

This is fashion, right?

Continuing with the Christmas theme (maybe it’s something about the time of the year that makes people go crazy), here is one of those naff jumpers that “hip” youngsters love to wear, thinking they look brilliant. However, this jumper is a bit different to your traditional knitted overtop. Not only does it have a cringe worthy Christmas Tree emblazoned on it, but it comes with its own LED lighting too. Er… Cool.

A must-have gaming peripheral (if you have no interest in the actual games)

If the first three LED-boosted entries on this list were intended to increase the aesthetic appeal of their products, the point of this next item is unclear – LED lights on a video games controller. You don’t look at the controller while you’re playing, do you? Well, you shouldn’t be. So, without wanting to sound utterly opposed and dismissive to the idea, what is the point?

Are you a fan of these?

Surely this next example is rather dangerous? It looks it anyway! Fancy a cool down while being momentarily distracted by some pretty colours? Then invest in these LED illuminated fans! Just what you’ve always wanted!

LEDs with a purpose (at last!)

Fancy looking like an idiot on-the-move? Then these trainers – laced with LEDs – are perfect. Although, perhaps I’m being too harsh – at least these trainers serve a purpose. If you plan on keeping up your stamina with some late-night runs then these LEDs will certainly keep you visible to any oncoming traffic or members of the public.

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