SmoonCage by BEAU&BIEN: Poetical Light

SmoonCage collection, a 2012 VIA winner, is a creation of the French designers Sylvie Maréchal and Lode Soetewey for BEAU&BIEN. When implementing its projects, this French brand uses LED and other innovative technologies, such as a sensitive switch, to create magnificent fixtures that offer environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting solutions.

All lamps feature a birdcage with an open door; illuminated by LED lights, they emit a soft glow; indeed, SmoonCage lamps are exquisite luminaires representing the dream of the designers “to catch moonlight and put it in a cage.”Smooncage suspension

Although simple and organic in the shape of a covered birdcage, these suggestive, exciting, and romantic lamps are exquisite lighting options created with meticulous attention to detail. The collection is versatile; it comprises four different formats that suit various lighting needs.

For three of the versions /SmoonCage Ceiling, Sensitive, and Nomade/ the covering comes in translucent polyethylene, while the luxurious format, SmoonCage Porcelaine, comes in deluxe Limoges porcelain covering.

 Smooncage sensitive

Consider that due to LED fixed light, the collection, depending on the format, offers different colour lighting options/pure white, warm white, pink, red, green, amber, and blue/ that could suit different moods and match different décor solutions.

In addition, SmoonCage Sensitive and Nomade can turn on and off with a finger tap. Furthermore, SmoonCage Nomade works like a mobile phone: when charged, it emits light for ten hours; suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it works well as a table/floor lamp or hanging fixture.

Smooncage porcelaine ambiance

SmoonCage project represents ultimate creativity, ingenuity, avant-garde technology, and groundbreaking approach; the result is breathtaking: functional yet gorgeous lamps with remarkable presence in any interior or exterior décor. Consider particularly the luxurious format, SmoonCage Porcelaine; the subtlety of Limoges porcelain accentuates the delicacy of this wonderful lamp; this veritable piece of art is definitely my favourite piece of the collection.

SmoonCage luminaires, disguised as birdcages that “enclose moonlight,” add charm, elegance, and sophistication and could transform any space.

Smooncage nomade exterieur

The lights are an embodiment of the philosophy that lighting in not only pure functionality; indeed, lighting is the point where practicality meets aesthetics, simplicity, and magic. SmoonCage lamps go beyond the limits of conventionality and turn into a poetic expression of lighting; furthermore, they convey emotions, grab, and keep attention.

Smooncage nomade

Generally, SmoonCage collection comprises stunning fixtures, sculptures of light, poetry, and emotions; each of these whimsical lamps is a smart lighting solution; opt for any piece of the series to make your space exclusive.

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