Stream by Terzani: Luxurious Lights

Stream collection is among the newest projects of Terzani, a result of the partnership between the Italian brand for modern lighting solutions synonymous with high design and quality standards, and Christian Lava, a creative and innovative designer, known for his stunning lighting sculptures.

This captivating collection, presented with great success during the Euroluce trade show in April 2011, is available in ceiling, suspension, floor, and wall formats. The Stream lights are meticulously hand – crafted in Florence and Sicily by some of the best Italian artisans.

The shade is of over seven kilometers of delicate nickel chains and bands draped by hand; they are floating down from a nickel-plated frame to simulate the feeling of flowing water; the wavy frames dramatically reflect the shade and add a touch of beauty and elegance to any interior space.

Consider that the suspension light is available in two sizes, small and large, with respectively 19 and 21 bulbs to meet different lighting needs.

All fixtures not only add ultimate splendor and luxury to the décor of any space, they also animate it, and definitely personalize it. Their streaming chains project a striking, yet tranquil pattern of light and shadows throughout the room and wrap it up it in a unique light to grace the space.

Each piece of the Stream collection with its cascading metal tiers embodies the true nature of water; it instantly creates a wow effect and becomes a focal point wherever positioned to provide brilliant ambient and decorative illumination.

Consider that ambient lighting as an instant way to alter the appearance of any space is a key element of the interior décor; moreover, lighting affects our mood, not to mention that lights with breathtaking designs embellish the space and enhance its atmosphere.

Therefore, do not underestimate lighting; it should be a major consideration in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

As all other Terzani products, the Stream lights go beyond the limits of the pure functionality of illumination.

They are a cascade of gorgeous illumination flowing with elegance and sophistication, vibrant sources of lighting that captivate and inspire; they are luxurious pieces of art that beautify the space, create a dramatic effect, and look great in any modern interior design solution. Undoubtedly, all lights from the Stream collection are eye – grabbing statement pieces that stand out to give a personality to any space.

In general, any piece of the Stream collection is a stunning option to incorporate a dazzling embellishment that illuminates the space with a gorgeous, dramatic shimmering effect for a touch of charm, elegance, uniqueness, modernity, and glamour.

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