Take Control of your Home Lighting with a Dimmer Switch

The lighting that you choose for your home can have a huge effect over not only how it looks but also how it feels.

 Do I Need a Dimmer Switch?

If your lighting is controlled with a simple on and off switch, it is extremely difficult to create an atmosphere that is suitable for all occasions. If you want to be able to choose from a range of lighting options for all occasions, you can create different moods with a dimmer switch.

How Does a Dimmer Switch Work?

A dimmer switch can alter your lighting to bring you a number of options from fully lit to almost dark. This allows you to create the perfect lighting at the touch of a button. Whether you are having a romantic dinner for two or simply want to catch up on some work, you will be able to create an appropriate lighting solution to suit your specific needs.

What are the Advantages?

Apart from being able to control the brightness of your home lighting, a dimmer switch allows you to save energy making it an eco friendly option for every homeowner. You have total control over the amount of energy you use and this can help you to lower your monthly utility bills.

Scene Dimming with Dimmer switch

Do I Need a Dimmer Switch in Every Room?

Each room in your house is a possible candidate for an energy saving dimmer switch but if you are unsure whether a dimmer switch would be compatible, it is advisable to seek advice from the professionals. There are of course rooms that will never require a dimmer switch. Walk in wardrobes, offices and home gyms will all require bright lights as they require a higher level of visibility than other rooms in the house such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Is there a Dimmer Switch to Suit my Budget?

Once you have put a budget in place, go online to discover your options. There are hundreds of dimmer switches available ranging from no frills designs to complex products that come with their own remote control function. When choosing a dimmer switch you will have to add up the voltage of the lights that you wish to dim and find a dimmer switch that has a suitable maximum load rating. Cheap dimmer switches can be noisy and can cause interference with your radio or television.

Where Can I Buy a Dimmer Switch?

 There are hundreds of online stores that stock high quality dimmer switches. Shop around for a store that provides a wide range of dimmer switches with various price options. Go online and search for a dimmer switch that meets your individual needs.

 Will it be Compatible?

Not all dimmer switches will be compatible with your home lighting system especially if you have LED lights. This is something that you will need to take into account prior to purchase. If you need advice regarding a dimmer switch, you can find a plethora of information online. For more information visit www.expert-electrical.co.uk.

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