The Latest Trends In Shower Lighting

The shower. It’s something we use every single day, and which can be a very pleasant, relaxing thing after a hard day’s work, or an invigorating pick me up first thing in the morning. However, getting your shower exactly the way you want it, to offer maximum relief and relaxation as well as getting you clean, is something that can require some design and planning.

Many home owners, when rethinking their bathroom and choosing a new design, try and pick out a look for the shower that is appealing both when you are using it, and when the shower isn’t on.

Great tiling and a really nice shower door are the obvious ways to go about this, but you can also get great results by using the right lighting in your shower.

Shower lighting can set a beautiful mood for your shower session, and mood lighting in the bathroom is becoming more and more popular as an interior design mechanism in bathrooms.

Here are some tips to really make it work!

Color is Key

Bathroom with LED showers

Different colors have a profound effect on mood, it has been proven time and time again. If you want to feel more relaxed at the end of a hard day, pinks, reds and purples will create a soothing ambiance that will help you to wash away your troubles and may even help relax your aching muscles.

If it is early in the morning and you’re not quite awake yet, vibrant, refreshing green and blue colors will help shake you out of your slump.

The great thing about a shower is you can work on all of your senses at once, so you can combine using colored light with fragrant shower gels and water pressures that really match the result you want.

Match an invigorating power shower setting with a green light setting and a mint or lemongrass scented shower gel and you will emerge alert and ready for the day ahead. Match gentle pink light with a patchouli fragrance and a gentle, warm water setting and you’ll feel ready for bed.

Make It Adjustable

Adjustable shower head

While you can get a lot of colored shower lighting kits for your bathroom remodeling that look pretty, a lot of them cycle through colors without your input.

This really doesn’t allow you to get the best out of them. You need to have access to different modes and settings that fit within different areas of the spectrum, so you can pick out whether you want lively lights that will pick you up or gentle, cozy lights that will help you get ready to sleep.

It may not seem like that big a deal but remember that your shower lighting is not just a novelty you will play with, but something you and your household are going to use every day, so making it perfect is worth the effort. Just as you will pay a lot of attention to choosing the right tiles and shower head, choosing the right lights is vital to creating the ideal bathroom experience for your home.

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