The Mille Nuits Collection- a Dazzling Addition to Your Home

Mille Nuits collection was designed by Mathias for Baccarat; inspired by the poetic world of The Thousand and One Arabian Nights, the collection is reminiscent of an Orient atmosphere and Arabic palaces with their splendor and peculiar magic.

Following the centuries-old Baccarat traditions in manufacturing crystal pieces, Mille Nuits collection comprises not only an array of stunning lighting fixtures, but extends to exceptional items of tableware and decorative accessories.

Consider that if you opt for any of these crystal works of art, it will definitely make any place more inviting, bringing sparkling light into it; moreover, crystal reflects extra light and undoubtedly adds a touch of elegance, glamour, luxury, and sophistication to the décor.

Mille Nuits lighting fixtures range from chandeliers to ceiling lamps, wall sconces, and candelabra, all incorporating Baccarat’s signature single red crystal drop hanging amidst translucent crystal;  they are available in a variety of options in terms of colors, designs, and lamp number versions to fully meet specific lighting needs and enhance any place both functionally and aesthetically.

The chandeliers of the collection are of bevel-cut crystal crafted in straight and swirled shapes to diffuse light with exquisite sparkling effect; other similar all – crystal options are Mille Nuits wall sconces and ceiling units; their beautiful designs and ornamentation add luxury and sophistication to the space; furthermore, since they richly refract light and bring instant drama, charm, and allure, all these fixtures are perfect lighting solutions.

Consider the Mille Nuits d’Or chandelier /the collection also includes a wall sconce, pendant light, and candelabra/; although structurally the same as the Mille Nuits chandelier, all the elements of this version are plated in 18-carat or 24-carat gold for a sumptuous look.

Available in clear and Baccarat’s signature ruby red, Mille Nuits lamp is fitted with a dimmer to provide variable lighting options; the glow is directed upwards; its tulip form silhouette gradually fans out from the slender nickel and chromium plated steel base; consider also the Mille Nuits tulip wall sconce; it is practically the same in terms of color and design options; however, it pivots 180 degrees, directing the glow anywhere between ceiling and floor, providing countless lighting solutions. Another similar option is the Mille Nuits tulip pendant; available in three colors /clear, amber, and ruby red/, this light scintillates magnificently and can be easily integrated into any interior.

Generally, any of the Mille Nuits collection lighting fixtures is a perfect alternative to illuminate any place; unquestionably, all they could serve double – as sources of light and dazzling embellishments of any place; furthermore, if you opt for any other part of the collection/tableware, accessories/, you will have repeating décor details throughout the entire area for extra visual appeal.

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