“The Optical Window”: Creativity and Innovative Approach

“The Optical Window” is the winner of the 2012 CREA Awards edition, a competition among participants from 40 countries. Created by Smart Metropolitans, a Polish team, this multifunctional project represents a conceptual idea beyond the boundaries of conventionality in interior and lighting design.

Light passes through the perforated external walls and creates a fascinating play of light and shade effects for a dreamy, cosy atmosphere in a building with private apartments and public space in Poznan, Poland.

When penetrating through the brick-wall openings, direct sunlight creates an intriguing, visually appealing pattern of contrasting shadows on the floors. This model changes with the seasons and time of the day and so does the appearance of the space; at night, the building turns into a light installation with a remarkable presence in the urban environment.

Sunlight and artificial light work together to provide sufficient illumination; wall-mounted Fold fixtures by Vibia create a similar shadow pattern on the internal walls for a cohesive, balanced look.

This is an exemplary creative use of common elements, in this instance repeating shadow model, to keep the space connected. These lamps become structural components of the walls, pieces of art that provide light, enhance the décor, and embellish the space.

The source of light is hidden; lampshades touch the walls and cast sharp-edged shadows, which brings a sense of magic and creates a whimsical, unforgettable atmosphere.

Note that the space within the building is open, with simple, transparent furniture; light is what matters; indeed, light creates the space. External daylight and internal artificial light interact and complement one other for a simple yet stylish, elegant, and mesmerising look.

Generally, the project represents creativity, cutting-edge technology, and innovative approach and creates an extraordinary, aesthetically pleasing environment.

As for Fold lamp, it is another impressive project of Arik Levy for Vibia, as exciting and eye grabbing as Rhythm.

Fold is a small geometrical-shaped surface wall light; made of lacquered aluminium, it comes with energy-saving LEDs in four colours/beige, dark brown, green, and matte red lacquer/ to match different décor solutions. With its folded-paper motif that echoes origami-like design, Fold pops out of the wall and creates a unique light and shadows pattern on the walls.

It consists of several geometrical modules; this modular approach allows freedom in arranging pieces into one large whole to meet specific needs and preference. Actually, arranging these cubes is a piece of cake, a funny play with colours and forms; it is like playing an old video game on the wall.

However, Fold is a functional lamp that not only provides ample lighting, but also adds colour and vibrancy to the wall and enhances the décor of the space, a visually appealing touch of modernity to any space.

To summarise, this wall lamp is with a striking decorative design and an impressive presence. Furthermore, Fold is another example of Vibia’s mission to help people “identify with the space where they live inspiring their creative abilities.”

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