Tiara Diamond: Effortless Charm

Tiara Diamond by Harco Loor is an entirely handmade collection of lighting fixtures comprising pendants, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall sconces, table and floor lamps; it comes in an array of options in terms of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors to choose from to perfectly match the décor of any place; furthermore, the designs are flexible: every arm can be twisted and stretched in every direction and the suspension rod length is adjustable, so, there are some extra options to transform the look of the fixture to fully meet your taste and needs.

Harco Loor Design combines functionality and art to create lights of organic design that immediately grab attention and add a touch of elegance, style, and joy to any place; in addition to being a source of light, all Tiara Diamond collection fixtures have decorative functions and enhance any interior design solution.

The frame of all lights is constructed from hand woven stainless steel 2×3 mm tubes; all fixtures use halogen 12V G4 and come with a built-in transformer; light sources stand upright on the ends of twisted metal wires nestling within crystal balls or drops.

Consider that upon request LEDs versions are also possible; energy-efficient, with longer lifespan, much brighter, consuming less energy, LED lights are a great eco-friendly option; moreover, table and floor Tiara Diamond lamps come with electronic dimmers; keep in mind a useful tip: dimmers are the easiest way to provide variable lighting plus decorative effects.  It is also important that all lights come in different lamp number versions to fully meet all specific lighting needs and requirements.

Every arm is decorated with several diamond transparent little Asfour balls /30% PbO/ or round crystal colored drops all fixed through a click system; on multicolored models, drops can be clear, smoky grey, pink, red, pale blue, royal blue, turquoise, emerald green, yellow, amber, black, purple, and mauve; upon request luminaires can come in any desired crystal color combination to fully match any color design solution and blend with any décor.

Actually, these crystal balls and drops make every single item of the Tiara Diamond collection truly spectacular; their magic not only brings beautiful sparkling light, it also gives an elegant and stylish look to any space, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication and making the space a centre of attention; moreover, the fixtures ate eye-catching ones, they become the focal point of the room that personalizes it.

A chic concept is to use these unique, make-a-statement fixtures to draw attention to a favorite furnishing, artwork, or area of a space; generally, there are plenty of options, just be bold and creative and use Tiara Diamond collection fixtures to transform your home into a vibrant and colorful place.

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