Tips on Making Sure the Lights Don’t Go Out On Your Business

Preparing for the unexpected is essential for every business, especially when it comes to making sure you have a backup power supply for when those out of the blue power cuts occur.  Businesses who do not invest in standby power can lose thousands of pounds by not being prepared for the worst as businesses in and around Harrogate found back in December 2011.

Harrogate Blackout Takes Out the Town Centre

December is in the dark at the best of times however it is also one of the most lucrative months for businesses due to it being the peak festive season.  However December 2011 saw the bustling town centre of Harrogate brought to a standstill due to a mass power cut.

Over 16700 customers in total were affected by the mass power cut which was caused by the failure of one of Northern Powergrid’s main substations.

Lightning over skyscrapers

What Kind of Storm Can Knock Out All the Power In One Town?

The weather is a force not to be reckoned with and its unpredictable nature can often have devastating effects, particularly on people’s power supplies.   One particular phenomenon which can have this kind of effect is a sun storm.  A sun storm occurs when a mass of electrically charged particles are thrown out by a giant eruption from the sun.

The knock on effect of this kind of eruption is generally a huge geomagnetic storm which can cause huge power cuts, as well as disruption to mobile telephone networks.  As well as this, one of nature’s most magnificent spectacles, The Northern Lights, can go into over drive producing incredible displays across the night skies.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The beautiful display of the Northern Lights can be seen as the silver lining of the otherwise very disruptive cloud that is a geomagnetic storm.  Although these storms are a rarity as opposed to regularity, it’s always best to be prepared.  Critical Power Supplies can act as your silver lining in the times of a storm that may cause that inevitable black out so why not view their full range of products online today to make sure your businesses lights never go off in a time of need.

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